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Cornerstone University’s Business Dubai Trip

News Feb. 3, 2017

This past January, 11 Cornerstone University students received the chance to travel to Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE). This trip, conducted every two years, gives students the opportunity to engage in the culture, speak to local business professionals and participate in what the Christian churches are doing in the area.

To expand students’ understanding of the culture, people and business of the United Arab Emirates, students participated in many different activities throughout their time there. They participated in 15 diverse cultural activities, one including experiencing dinner with a local Emirati family.

Along with understanding the culture, students were able to meet with 11 different successful business professionals in the area. By having this opportunity, students were able to broaden their understanding of how Christ is working not only in the community of Dubai, but also in the business field as a whole.

When Beth Longjohn, one of the Cornerstone facilitators of the trip, was asked what one of the most interesting things about the trip was, she answered, “The UAE is unique in the Middle East in terms of its stance toward Christianity. Many countries in the region are closed to Christianity, but the UAE government aggressively promotes tolerance. As a result, Christian churches are well established and flourishing in spite of the fact that they are planted within a Muslim country.”

With the UAE being such a unique area in the ways of its view towards Christianity and also towards business, students learned how to be an influencer for Christ in a culturally diverse business setting.

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