Cornerstone University Chorale and Grand Rapids Symphony to Present Sacred Dimensions: Classically Inspired Hymns


by Jaleesa Stanford

Cornerstone University's very own Christ Chapel will host a night of classically inspired orchestral and vocal worship on April 15 at 6 p.m.

"It's a great privilege for CU to host the Grand Rapids Symphony for this concert in Christ Chapel," Dr. Kent Walters, professor of music and director of University Chorale, said. "This will be the third time the Chorale has participated in this concert with the Grand Rapids Symphony."

This specific event is one of a series that seeks to pair spiritually profound music with equally profound spaces.

"The Grand Rapids Symphony's Sacred Dimensions Series nourishes the soul with spiritually uplifting music presented in sacred spaces where they were meant to be heard," Walters said.

The concert will include several a cappella pieces from the University Chorale, one of which will feature a trumpet soloist from the symphony.

The Grand Rapids Symphony will perform a repertoire of classically inspired works chosen by John Varineau, a former CU professor. Selections include the works of Sibelius, Vaughn Williams, Holst, Brahms and more.