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First-Year Student Experience

Your Cornerstone journey begins here. From Orientation Week to the final day of exams, we want your first year on campus to be an amazing experience. Whether you live in the dorms or commute, our first-year student experience is designed with you in mind!

First Week of Classes

During your first week, you will receive course
syllabi, meet your professors and dive into
the world of college academics with your first
assignments. Among your courses, CU-107
Academic Foundations is the launching point for
the first-year educational experience.
As you acclimate to campus, your Foundations
Group will continue to journey with you into the
academic semester, offering ongoing academic
and personal support.

CU-107: Academic Foundations

Cornerstone’s Academic Foundations course emphasizes critical thinking, effective communication and self-evaluation so that you are equipped to successfully transition to college life.

You will spend this 15-week, five unit course tackling hands-on projects, receiving career preparation tips from local professionals, and sharing vibrant discussions about what it means to grow as an individual of academic excellence and integrity in this new stage of life.

Start With Confidence

Unit 1: Transition Foundations

Find your footing in college academics and daily campus life guided by the wisdom and experience of faculty and student leaders.

Unit 2: Spiritual Foundation

Wrestle with tough questions alongside your peers as you discuss how to distinguish between essential, important and personal elements of faith.

Unit 3: Foundations of Citizenship

Explore how your calling, future career and spiritual beliefs impact your interactions with those who may see the world differently by critically thinking about pressing topics related to hospitality, service and justice—all through the lens of Scripture.

Unit 4: Biblical Financial Wisdom

Learn how to start building practical money habits with Biblical financial wisdom in partnership with the Groundwork Financial Center.

Unit 5: Vocation, Career & Life Calling

Participate in activities and conversations focused on identifying what future careers interest you and what tangible steps will help you get there.


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