Empower students for global influence.

At Cornerstone University, scholarships help ensure that a Christian higher education experience remains affordable for traditional undergraduate students. Through the generosity of donors, we are able to offer memorial scholarships, athletic scholarships, academic scholarships and more.

To learn more about an established scholarship and review its criteria, contact the Advancement Office by calling 616.254.1668. Or, if giving an online gift toward a scholarship fund, be sure to indicate the name of the scholarship at the time of your gift.

Athletic Scholarships

  • The Megumu Masuda Award
  • Men's Soccer Leadership Scholarship
  • Miller Outstanding Female Athlete Scholarship Fund
  • Timothy Sullivan Scholarship
  • TM Branch Scholarship
  • Virtual Soccer, LLC Christian Character Scholarship

Bible, Religion & Ministry Division Scholarships

  • Esther Gilbertson Vocational Scholarship
  • Kent & Hazel Hager Endowment
  • Robert & Ruth Lanting Student Endowment
  • Ronald B. Mayers Pre-Seminary Ministry Award
  • Clair McCombs Aviation Scholarship
  • Bernie & Marge Mollema Scholarship
  • Amanda & Michael Nielsen Children's Ministry Scholarship
  • Lukas Squires Memorial Scholarship
  • Brian L. Wright Memorial Scholarship

Business Division Scholarships

  • Lawrence J. Bos Business Scholarship
  • Gordon Business Scholarship
  • C. John Miller Business Leadership Scholarship
  • Stewart-Woodward Accounting Scholarship

Communication & Media Division Scholarships 

  • Media Impact Scholarship
  • Edward R. Powell Family Scholarship
  • Billy Zeoli Gospel Communications International Scholarship

Humanities Division Scholarships 

  • Dr. Raymond Bartholomew Scholarship
  • Dorothy L. Sayers Promising Young Writers Scholarship

Kinesiology, Science, Engineering & Math Scholarships 

  • Creation Stewardship Scholarship
  • Gloria Baker Endowed Kinesiology Award
  • Ronald Meyers Science Scholarship

Music Division Scholarships 

  • Orpha Galloway Endowed Music Award
  • Frank H. Gordon Music Scholarship
  • Sylvia King Music Scholarship
  • Ernest & Yvonne Rogers Scholarship
  • Richard N. Stewart Endowment
  • Margaret Ward Music Scholarship
  • Meryl Welch Musical Scholarship

Teacher Education Division Scholarships

  • Ginger Coburn Memorial Scholarship
  • Ethel M. Collins Children's Education Scholarship
  • Catherine Ross Wirtz Elementary Education Scholarship

Social Science Division Scholarships 

  • Howard & Mary Simms Memorial Scholarship

Additional Academic Scholarships

  • Wendell K. Babcock/GRSBM Alumni Children's Scholarship
  • The Richard & Doris Grant Baker Learning Center Endowment
  • Rev. Joseph G. Balbach Scholarship
  • Belden Brick & Supply Architectural & Masonry Scholarship
  • William J. & Nora J. Bolthouse Scholarship
  • Bronkema Family Scholarship
  • The Cindy Scholarship
  • The Dakota Gonzales Scholarship
  • Deanna Scholarship
  • De Witt West Michigan Scholarship
  • Bertha Dewey Stock Memorial Scholarship
  • Didaskalos Scholarship
  • Paul Gordon Family Endowed Scholarship
  • Jabez Scholarship
  • The Victor & Bonnie Matthews Center for Leadership Award Program Scholarship
  • Richard & Doris Grant Michaelson Endowment
  • Verna Miller Memorial Leadership Scholarship
  • Nepal Scholarship
  • Pepsi Food Service Scholarship
  • C.E. Pinckard Endowed Scholarship
  • The Potter's House High School Scholarship
  • The Request Foods Dependent Grant
  • Rex M. Rogers Leadership Scholarship
  • Servant Leader Scholarship
  • Renee K. Spaanstra Memorial Scholarship
  • The Glenn & Barbara Steil Scholarship
  • Robert & Timothy Sullivan Scholarship Fund Trust
  • Robert & Ellen Thompson Leadership Scholarship
  • Samuel L. Westerman Scholarship