Partisan Principles in Michigan’s Economy

Michigan's economy is viewed differently from each side of the legislative aisle. Republicans believe their ideologies fuel our economic engine. Meanwhile, Democrats see the state's fiscal success as a byproduct of their ideas. Which side is correct? What principles really have an impact? Where is the overlap? How can the two sides work together toward building Michigan's economic prosperity?

On Nov. 8, Cornerstone University hosted the Grand Rapids Sports Hall of Fame 2019 Economic Symposium. Four of West Michigan's elected officials—Representative Mark Huizenga (Republican), Representative Tommy Brann (Republican), Senator Winnie Brinks (Democrat) and Representative Jon Hoadley (Democrat)—participated in a stimulating discussion on the key political policies driving our state's economy. Chris Glass, director of legal affairs for the West Michigan Talent Triangle, moderated the conversation.

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This event is sponsored by Lighthouse Insurance, Grand Rapids Sports Hall of Fame and PNC Bank.

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