Innovation matters.

In our global marketplace, creativity and innovation lead to distinctive habits that set an organization apart from its competitors. Sponsored by PNC Bank, on Thursday, Nov. 2, 2017, area community leaders and entrepreneurs discussed how you can build a business culture that:

  • Distinguishes between product innovation, policy innovation and innovation of the business model.
  • Identifies employees to desire and champion a culture of creativity and innovation.
  • Balances speed-to-implementation of innovation with proper deliberation.
  • Convinces employees that all have a God-given ability to be creative.
  • Measures creativity and innovation and finds ways to reward it.

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To continue learning how you can foster creativity and innovation within your organization, we encourage you to check out these resources cited by our panelists:

About the Panelists

During the November 2017 Business Breakfast, Dr. Jeff Savage, associate dean and professor of business for the Professional & Graduate Studies division, moderated a panel discussion. Attendees heard from four West Michigan business leaders with demonstrated expertise in fostering creative, innovative organizational cultures.

Jim Bush

Jim Bush is the founder and CEO of Weather Shield Roofing Systems, an award-winning commercial roofing company which he has owned for over 35 years. Nationally recognized as "Best of Class" by its peers, Weather Shield has successfully grown in the ever-changing commercial building industry. Jim also recently launched Skydeck USA, a startup specializing in green and patio roofs.

Nick Nicolay

From its origins at Tiger Stadium back in 1933, Kar's Nuts has grown its distribution through retailers across America. Nick Nicolay's drive toward innovative manufacturing techniques, creative brands and market-expanding products has propelled Kar's to new levels and investments.

Ryan Schmidt

As a key leader at Steelcase, Ryan Schmidt is committed to creating a more meaningful world of work for people to unlock human promise. He is a leader on the new business innovation team which is responsible for delivering viable growth opportunities for the company, both by designing new services and experiences that solve real problems and working with the startup ecosystem to drive value in that ecosystem and also for Steelcase.

Sandi Frost Steensma

In the ever-changing challenge of non-profit fundraising, Sandi assists clients in developing innovative solutions for "nuts and bolts" fundraising as well as campaign coaching. Now more than ten years old, Kennari has grown to become one of Michigan's largest fundraising consulting firms in Michigan—serving more than 70 non-profit organizations annually.

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