Stewardship matters.

As Christians, it's important to honor God with our personal finances. On Tuesday, April 17, 2018, Business Breakfast attendees had an opportunity to learn from Christian Financial Advisor Ron Blue. Blue spoke about how to master one's money and get started on the path to financial freedom.

This free event was sponsored by Cornerstone University's Business Division and Eastbrook Homes.

About the Speaker

head shot of Ron BlueAs a graduate of Indiana University with a master's degree business administration, Ron Blue began his career with the management group Peat, Marwick, Mitchell & Co. In 1970, Ron went on to found an Indianapolis-based CPA firm that is now one of the 50 largest CPA firms in the United States.

Convinced that Christians would better handle their personal finances if they were counseled objectively with the highest technical expertise and from a biblical perspective, he founded a financial planning firm in 1979. That firm grew to manage over $2 billion in assets for its more than 5,000 clients nationwide with a staff of over 175 people in 14 regional offices. Today, Ron Blue and Co. is the largest Christian financial planning firm in the country.

Ron retired from the financial planning firm in 2003 and became the founding director of Kingdom Advisors, an international effort to equip and motivate Christian financial professionals to serve the body of Christ by implementing biblical wisdom in their lives and practices, resulting in financial freedom and increased giving.

He is the author of nearly 20 books on biblical financial topics, including the bestseller, "Master Your Money." Ron is chief executive officer of the Ron Blue Institute for Financial Planning at Indiana Wesleyan University, whose goal is to develop alliances with faith-based universities seeking to "transform Christians with biblical financial wisdom." He and his wife, Judy, have five children and thirteen grandchildren and live in Atlanta, Georgia.