Perspective matters.

by Emily Gratson, M.A., Associate Dean of Assessment and Student Success

At Cornerstone, we strive to help our students cultivate an insatiable curiosity about God and His beautifully diverse creation.

One of the most effective ways we accomplish this is through our off-campus study opportunities. These experiences challenge students to explore and engage new cultures and peoples in order to gain a greater appreciation of and love for God and His creation.

Overview of Short-Term Study Trips

One of the ways CU students can discover new corners of the world and expand their cultural horizons is by participating in one (or more!) of our short-term study trips. These two-week study experiences are carefully designed and led by our very own CU faculty, many of whom have personal connections with local organizations and individuals.

During these trips, small villages like Mahvusa in South Africa or bustling cities like London or Quito are transformed into the classroom, its cultural products and practices serve as the primary texts and the locals become the content experts and scholars.

The intellectually and emotionally challenging experiences that students share during their time abroad foster a unique learning community that students and faculty can then take home and continue to cultivate back on campus.

Overview of Semester Study Programs

While our short-term study trips offer our students the opportunity to explore new parts of the world with their fellow CU classmates and professors, our semester-long off-campus program offerings allow them to to settle in a bit more and get a taste of what its like to live as a local in the new culture.

All of our partner programs have been vetted to ensure that our students will have an academically rigorous, Christ-centered learning experience while they are away for the semester.

Contact Us

To explore the cross-cultural study opportunities available to our students, I encourage you to visit our Off-Campus Study Programs webpage. If you have any questions or would like to discuss any of these opportunities at greater length, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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