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What began as an evening Bible seminar blossomed into Cornerstone University as we know it over the course of eight decades. Our commitment to thorough biblical training for each student, well-rounded education, and uncompromising values began when 221 students enrolled in the Baptist Bible Institute of Grand Rapids. Here, laypersons could study and strive to become effective ministry leaders. What began as an evening Bible study became two to three-year programs designed to cultivate these leaders further.

In 1963, the Bible Institute became a four-year Bible college and seminary. This included pre-seminary courses with 15 to 20-hour concentrations in the liberal arts. In 1964, Grand Rapids Baptist Bible College and Seminary moved to a 64-acre campus which has since expanded to 132 acres. In 1972, the college was approved by the State of Michigan as a degree-granting college of arts and sciences.

Over its rich history, Cornerstone has influenced students and graduates of all walks of life to be the light in a chaotic world. By doing so, we have cultivated generations of Christ followers who have laid foundations for churches, ministries, families and more. Not only that, but our graduates have reached the ends of the earth through their missions and careers.

Baptist Bible Institute of Grand Rapids to CU

What is now Cornerstone University began on Jan. 7, 1941, in Wealthy Street Baptist Church. The evening Bible studies would become daytime classes, which then evolved into degree programs. Today, Cornerstone is an institution designed to provide whole-person liberal arts education to each student who walks through its doors. After 80 years of rich history, Cornerstone continues to influence the world for Christ in everything we do.

CU Online

CU Online at Cornerstone University began in 1993 as an avenue for adult students to finish their undergraduate and graduate degrees and fulfill their lifelong calling. Then known as Professional Graduate Studies, CU Online is considered an academically excellent institution designed to equip students with the knowledge and practical understanding to become better employees and Christ followers. CU Online now offers rigorous programs in business, health care, TESOL, psychology and more.

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Cornerstone Theological Seminary

Cornerstone began first and foremost as a school for students to learn more about the Bible and seek God’s truth. From there, seminary-style programs were developed to assist laymen in ministry. As Cornerstone grew into a liberal arts college, Cornerstone Theological Seminary grew into a hub for theological understanding and biblical teaching, all geared toward those wishing to enter pastoral ministry.

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