We expect applicants to the Master of Theology program to:

  1. Have an accredited undergraduate degree and a Master of Divinity degree or M.A. degree in a related discipline, with a minimum 3.0 cumulative G.P.A. in the master's program.
  2. Submit a graded writing sample from graduate work demonstrating knowledge of research and scholarly writing. The Graduate Record Examinations General Test (GRE) may also be requested by the Seminary Admissions Office in addition to, or in place of, the writing sample.
  3. Demonstrate advanced competency in Hebrew or Greek, when applying for the Old Testament or New Testament specialization respectively.
  4. Possess well-developed critical thinking and communication skills, both of which are essential to theological research and writing.
  5. Show promise for exceptional productivity in Kingdom ministry through previous academic work and personal spiritual qualifications.
  6. Provide two letters of recommendation from former teachers — one from a former teacher in the anticipated specialization field.
  7. Submit to the Seminary Admissions Office a formal letter to the faculty indicating reasons for pursuing an advanced graduate theological degree. The letter should also include the selection of a program specialization and life objectives.

The faculty grants admission to the Master of Theology degree program by vote. Candidates generally cannot transfer credit to this degree program