Explore the world as a university student.

As a Cornerstone University student, you'll be encouraged to experience the world outside of your everyday routine. Studying abroad is a great way to do this, while also accomplishing academic goals and expanding your worldview.

J-Term Trips

The month of January is an optional term for CU students which provides the ideal study abroad scenario. For additional information, contact the designated trip leader.

The Netherlands

  • Course: BUS-215 (International Business Experience)
  • Overview: The Netherlands and Christelijke Hogeschool Ede will serve as the launching site for this international business experience. Students will travel to businesses, government headquarter, and nonprofit entities to obtain a greater understanding of the business, political, social and cultural climate of Europe. Other stops will include several historically significant places like a German concentration camp; the Anne Frank House; the Berlin Wall; and several major European cities including Berlin, Amsterdam and Brussels. Living with host families and working on local projects will provide unique experiences in contemporary European culture.
  • Trip LeaderDr. Rachel Hammond

South Florida/Everglades

  • Course: ECO-442 (Advanced Field Study: Ecology of the Greater Everglades Ecosystems)
  • Overview: Florida presents a unique system which has dealt with and is currently dealing with environmental misuses and large-scale restorations. Participants will investigate the environmental issues of invasive species, habitat destruction and restoration, water issues related to endangered  species management, the Everglades, and historical environmental issues related to overuse. Key management areas such as Everglades National Park, USFW Crystal River Manatee area, Nature Conservancy restoration projects, Florida State Wildlife areas, Big Cypress Swamp NWR, Ding Darling NWR, Biscayne Bay National park and other associated areas will be visited.
  • Trip Leader: Dr. Rob Keys

Summer Term Trips

Summer Term is also an optional academic term. CU is excited about the opportunities available for students to see the world and learn more about what God is doing outside of the United States!


  • Course: Children's Literature/Adolescent Literature (EDU-321/323)
  • Overview: While participants explore the landscape that inspired many texts in British children and adolescent literature, they will have a hands-on experience selecting, evaluating and applying those texts to a classroom setting. Students will walk the paths where Lewis Carroll and C.S. Lewis meandered, they will visit the farm where Beatrix Potter's Peter Rabbit resided and will spend time in Kensington Gardens where Peter Pan's story begins. Visits to students and educators at PK-12 schools will provide an opportunity to observe and analyze the British educational system.
  • Trip Leader: Kristin Rich, Assistant Professor of Education

Chicago to Santa Fe

  • Course: Imagination in Culture: Historical American Artists’ Communities
  • Overview: Specific, historic communities in the United States are beckoning students to examine the interaction of imagination and culture over time. From Chicago to San Francisco to Albuquerque, ethnic, economic, political and environmental factors will be considered in the development of artists' communities. Students will spend almost a week in locales that are heavily influenced by Hispanic and Native American cultures. Participants will also study the music and literature produced in, or inspired by, these unique places.
  • Trip Leader: Dr. Michael VanDyke, Dr. Jason Stevens 


  • Course: Experiencing Asian Culture: A Choral Musician's Perspective
  • Overview:  Submerse yourself into the cultures of Asian countries via visits and performances in Hong Kong, Mongolia and Singapore. Students will gain perspectives on Eastern choral music representative of the countries visited, as well as on distinctly American choral music and its reception by Asian audiences. Through interaction with individuals in churches, schools and host homes, students will gain insight on life in these countries and a better understanding of Asian cultures in comparison. Combined rehearsals and performances with choirs in Hong Kong and Singapore will afford unique opportunities for personal and musical interaction as well as Asian perspectives on vocal, choral and performance techniques.
  • Trip Leader: Dr. Kent Walters

Application Process

Interested in going on a short-term trip with Cornerstone? Luckily, we have made the process of applying for a short-term trip quite easy. We offer a step-by-step checklist to help guide you through the process! For a trip application, contact the appropriate trip leader.

Trip Costs

All tuition and trip expenses are included in the advertised trip cost. Cornerstone does not offer study abroad scholarships for short-term study abroad trips. However, three tuition credits are included in the trip cost during their time abroad. If a student chooses to do a J-Term study trip, they can still take 12-18 credits in the spring semester at no extra charge.