Explore the world as a university student.

As a Cornerstone University student, you'll be encouraged to experience the world outside of your everyday routine. Studying abroad is a great way to do this, while also accomplishing academic goals and expanding your worldview.

J-Term Trips

The month of January is an optional term for CU students which provides the ideal study abroad scenario.

  • Coming Soon: Announcement of 2017 J-Term Trips!

Summer Term Trips

Summer Term is also an optional academic term. CU is excited about the opportunities available for students to see the world and learn more about what God is doing outside of the United States! For additional information, contact the designated trip leader.


  • Courses: COM-311/SOC-352 - Intercultural Communication; REL 352 - Christian Beliefs & History
  • Overview: London provides an opportunity to experience more than one culture while you're here. Within the city alone, at least 300 nationalities are represented. This European city provides access to sites and activities representing the multiple forces that shape and reflect culture. London is a "user-friendly" city that permits firsthand intercultural interaction!
  • Trip Leaders: Dr. Desiree Duff, Associate Prof. of Communication; Dr. John Duff, Prof. of Historical and Systematic Theology


  • Courses: ENG-224 - Irish Literature and Culture; ENG-328 - Selected Irish Authors and Literary Topics
  • Overview: Ireland has a rich culture and body of literature that shares a keen awareness of it's past. This includes it's valuable heritage as well as a source of deep cultural division that each successive age must reevaluate on its own terms. This study is an enriching approach as the ages build upon themselves and are engaged with themselves so that they form a commentary on each other!
  • Trip Leader: Jason Stevens, Assistant Professor of English


  • Course: SWK-480: International Child Welfare
  • Overview: Cornerstone University and Bethany Christian Services have developed a solid partnership that will provide students a unique opportunity to explore development and best practices in international child welfare. Students will be able to develop an understanding of the process of international program development in visiting Bethany's programs in several locations as well as in visiting other human service organizations in Ethiopia!
  • Trip Leader: Nola Carew, Associate Professor of Social Work

Application Process

Interested in going on a short-term trip with Cornerstone? Luckily, we have made the process of applying for a short-term trip quite easy. We offer a step-by-step checklist to help guide you through the process! For a trip application, contact the appropriate trip leader.

Trip Costs

All tuition and trip expenses are included in the advertised trip cost. Cornerstone University does not offer study abroad scholarships for short-term study abroad trips. However, three tuition credits are included in the trip cost during their time abroad. If a student chooses to do a J-Term study trip, they can still take 12-17 credits in the spring semester at no extra charge.