Explore the world as a university student.

As a Cornerstone University student, you'll be encouraged to experience the world outside of your everyday routine. Studying abroad is a great way to do this, while also accomplishing academic goals and expanding your worldview.

J-Term Trips

The month of January is an optional term for CU students which provides the ideal study abroad scenario.  Information on the J-Term 2017 Trips are below! 


  • Courses: International Business Experience (BUS-215); International Economics (ECN-215)
  • Overview: Established relationships in the United Arab Emirites provide an excellent context for CU students to engage cross-culturally, to explore international business (and business as mission), and to interact with the Muslim Arab world in a positive environment!  This course will allow students to also tour the Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi as well as interact with Christians from Dubai who are working to address social injustices within the city.
  • Trip Leaders: Gerald Longjohn, Vice President of Student Development; Beth Longjohn, Executive Assistant to the President


  • Courses: Advanced Spanish and Culture in Quito, Ecuador (SPA-334)
  • Overview: The city of Quito becomes the classroom for students who take advantage of studying in Ecuador!  This study abroad trip offers an incredible opportunity for students to strengthen their Spanish abilities by immersing themselves in the culture.  Students will be able to interact directly with local residents by staying with Ecuadorian host families and participate in multiple excursions that will broaden their cross-cultural competency!  
  • Trip Leader: Emily Gratson, Associate Dean of Assessment and Student Success

South Africa 

  • Courses: Globalization and Localization (PHI-411)
  • Overview: Mahvuza Village of South Africa gives an amazing opportunity to see the impact of globalization on local culture!  Students will have great insight of the lasting effects of racism, the attempt at reconciliation and the emergence of democracy that demonstrate the virtues of justice, hope, and faith.  Even further, students will continue to do hands on work in the village as part of being a presence there!  
  • Trip Leader:  Dr. Matt Bonzo, Professor of Philosophy 

Summer Term Trips

Summer Term is also an optional academic term. CU is excited about the opportunities available for students to see the world and learn more about what God is doing outside of the United States! For additional information, contact the designated trip leader.


  • Courses: Irish Literature and Culture (ENG-224); Selected Irish Authors and Literary Topics (ENG-328)
  • Overview: Ireland has a rich culture and body of literature that shares a keen awareness of it's past. This includes it's valuable heritage as well as a source of deep cultural division that each successive age must reevaluate on its own terms. This study is an enriching approach as the ages build upon themselves and are engaged with themselves so that they form a commentary on each other!
  • Trip Leader: Jason Stevens, Assistant Professor of English

Northern Ireland 

  • Courses: Advanced Field Studies: Northern Ireland - Man, Land and Environment (ECO-442)
  • Overview: Ireland has tremendous opportunities to study a wide diversity of ecosystems and expose students to a wide variety of organisms.  The ability to study marine systems, wetlands, bogs, rivers, forests, grasslands and mountains within a relatively small area makes this trip ideal for studying in Ireland.  Additionally, Ireland has a rich human heritage that is a part of shaping the ecosystems themselves that gives students a chance to discover the uniqueness of another part of the world and interact cross-culturally with resource professionals and scientists! 
  • Trip Leader: Rob Keys, Associate Professor of Science; Laura Keys, Faculty Secretary 

United Kingdom

  • Courses: Humanities Seminar: Lewis & Tolkien on Language (HUM-382); Oxford Tutorial (OSA-3XX)
  • Overview: The study abroad trip to the United Kingdom offers continual opportunities for students to encounter other cultures through trip activities and course assignments.  Students will be able to interact with international students who attend the University of Oxford and tour multiple historical sites such as Westminster Abbey and the Houses of Parliament.  This study abroad trip will give participants a taste of what the United Kingdom is all about! 
  • Trip LeadersMichael Pasquale, Humanities Divison Chair & Professor of Linguistics 

Hungary, Slovakia, Austria, Germany

  • Courses: Experiencing Eastern European and German Culture: A Choral Musician's Perspective (MUS-280)
  • Overview: This study abroad trip provides an introduction to cultures in European countries via visits and performances in Hungary, Slovakia, Austria, and Germany.  Students will gain perspectives on Western choral music representative of the countries visited as well as interact with individuals in churches, schools and host homes.  Through this, students will gain insight to life in these countries and a better understanding of European culture in comparison! 
  • Trip Leader: Kent Walters, Director of Choral Studies, Professor of Music


  • Courses: New Testament Literature (REL-204); Geography and History of the Bible (REL-HIS-380; will count as a REL-33X class)
  • Overview: A picture is worth a thousand words: this trip will provide students to study the Bible in Israel.  There is a great opportunity for students to see locations mentioned in both the Old Testament and New Testament.  Additionally, there will be site visits from the Second Temple period and the trip will provide context to understand the modern conflict between Palestinians and Jews! There's no better place to study the Bible! 
  • Trip Leaders: Dr. Douglas Mohrmann, Assistant Director of Religion, Director of Ancient Studies Program & Co-Director of Honors Program; Dr. Ryan Roberts, Assistant Professor of Old Testament

Germany, Austria, Czech Republic 

  • Courses: Psychology in Europe (PSY-480)
  • Overview: Traveling to Europe on this psychology-focused adventure will be a life-changing, bias-revealing, and perspective-altering experience for participants. Students will explore the cultural and historical context within these countries such as site visits to the Holocaust Museum and to the birthplace of psychology in Liepzig.  Additionally, there will be an opportunity to take part in a series of talks led by international mental health service provides and academics in Germany, Vienna, and Prague!
  • Trip Leaders: Nicole McDonald, Professor of Psychology, Disability Accommodations Officer; Shannon Pothoven, Director of Student Success 


  • Courses: Introduction to Digital Media (MDA-121)
  • Overview: To offer this type of course in Jordan would enliven students' learning and passion for people and issues.  By learning digital media skills like blogging, podcasting, photography and video while in Jordan, students can learn what it means to be a "voice for the voiceless", and they can personally experience the impact of influencing opinion and changing attitudes among their own circles of friends and families back home! 
  • Trip Leader: Kathleen Sindorf, Associate Professor of Communication & Media

Application Process

Interested in going on a short-term trip with Cornerstone? Luckily, we have made the process of applying for a short-term trip quite easy. We offer a step-by-step checklist to help guide you through the process! For a trip application, contact the appropriate trip leader.

Trip Costs

All tuition and trip expenses are included in the advertised trip cost. Cornerstone University does not offer study abroad scholarships for short-term study abroad trips. However, three tuition credits are included in the trip cost during their time abroad. If a student chooses to do a J-Term study trip, they can still take 12-17 credits in the spring semester at no extra charge.