Explore the world as a university student.

As a Cornerstone University student, you'll be encouraged to experience the world outside of your everyday routine. Studying abroad is a great way to do this, while also accomplishing academic goals and expanding your worldview.

J-Term Trips

The month of January is an optional term for CU students which provides the ideal study abroad scenario. For additional information, contact the designated trip leader.

Quito, Ecuador

  • Course: Conversation in the City (SPA-316)
  • Overview: The exquisite city of Quito will become the classroom as students connect with the people and places of Ecuador. Cultural excursions include local museums, supermarkets, businesses, churches and other government agencies. By living with host families, students can experience everyday life and investigate religious beliefs, personal histories, and various cultural products and practices. Many opportunities will exist for students to improve their linguistic abilities and grow in their understanding of and appreciation for Ecuadorian culture.
  • Trip Leader: Emily Gratson, Associate Dean of Assessment & Student Success

South Africa

  • Course: Globalization and Localization (PHI-411)
  • Overview: Post-apartheid South Africa serves as the backdrop to examining globalization and localization through readings, personal interactions and visits to museums, churches and local leaders. Besides stops in Johannesburg and Cape Town, students will sojourn to a small rural village, interacting with villagers to experience the political, religious, economic and leisure differences that exist. This unique environment will include exposure to multiple languages, different religious backgrounds and extreme economic conditions.
  • Trip Leader: Dr. Matt Bonzo, Professor of Philosophy

DuBai, United Arab Emirates

  • Course: International Business/Economic Experience (BUS/ECN-215)
  • Overview: Dubai is a business hub and a focal point of trade exports in the Middle East. Participants will receive a hands-on overview of marketplace practices, challenges and opportunities within the international business setting. Opportunities will include interactions with business owners and professionals from a variety of countries. Tours of firms and organizations will provide an understanding of country-specific business practices and cultures.
  • Trip Leader: Dr. Gerald Longjohn, VP for Student Development

Summer Term Trips

Summer Term is also an optional academic term. CU is excited about the opportunities available for students to see the world and learn more about what God is doing outside of the United States!


  • Course: Psychology in Europe (PSY-480)
  • Overview: Traveling to Europe on this psychology-focused adventure will be a life-changing, bias-revealing and perspective-altering experience for participants. Visits to four culturally distinct countries—Austria, Germany, England and the Netherlands—will provide a cultural and historical context of key ideas and theories in psychology. Participants will broaden their understanding of human behavior and identify both specific and universal aspects of the human experience relating to worldviews and values.
  • Trip Leaders: Dr. Nicole McDonald, Professor of Psychology, and Dr. Shannon Pothoven, Director of Student Success


  • Course: Advanced Field Studies: Northern Ireland—Humans, Land and Environment (ECO-442)
  • Overview: The diversity of ecosystems in a small area makes Northern Ireland an ideal field study destination. Observations of marine systems, wetlands, bogs, rivers, forests, grasslands and mountains will allow students to compare and contrast Ireland's ecosystems to that of the Great Lakes region. A study of Ireland's geological structures will also enhance this experience. Students will learn of management strategies that are in place, and interact with resource professionals and scientists. A visit to cultural sites and an opportunity to experience visits and meals with Irish families are also part of this Irish experience.
  • Trip Leader: Dr Rob Keys, Professor of Science


  • Course: New Testament History and Literature (REL-204/236) or Geography and History of the Bible (HIS/REL-480)
  • Overview: A picture is worth a thousand words. Students will have a visual opportunity to understand the world of the Bible and the geographic importance of the land. Participants will visit locations mentioned in both the Old Testament and New Testament and significant sites from the Second Temple period. The trip will also provide context to the understanding of the modern Israeli-Palestinian conflict while reflecting on the plight of Arab Christians/Messianic Jews.
  • Trip Leader: Dr. Ryan Roberts, Assistant Professor of Old Testament


  • Course: Children's Literature/Adolescent Literature (EDU-321/323)
  • Overview: While participants explore the landscape that inspired many texts in British children and adolescent literature, they will have a hands-on experience selecting, evaluating and applying those texts to a classroom setting. Students will walk the paths where Lewis Carroll and C.S. Lewis meandered, they will visit the farm where Beatrix Potter's Peter Rabbit resided and will spend time in Kensington Gardens where Peter Pan's story begins. Visits to students and educators at PK-12 schools will provide an opportunity to observe and analyze the British educational system.
  • Trip Leader: Kristin Rich, Assistant Professor of Education

Application Process

Interested in going on a short-term trip with Cornerstone? Luckily, we have made the process of applying for a short-term trip quite easy. We offer a step-by-step checklist to help guide you through the process! For a trip application, contact the appropriate trip leader.

Trip Costs

All tuition and trip expenses are included in the advertised trip cost. Cornerstone does not offer study abroad scholarships for short-term study abroad trips. However, three tuition credits are included in the trip cost during their time abroad. If a student chooses to do a J-Term study trip, they can still take 12-18 credits in the spring semester at no extra charge.