Request Your Preferred Courses

To request registration for a dual enroll course, you must be accepted to Cornerstone University. If you have not yet been accepted, you will first need to apply to begin the admissions process. Once you have been admitted, you will be able to register for courses.

Choosing Your Courses

You must be admitted to CU before you can register for courses. Use our list of course options and talk with your admissions counselor to decide what class will best fit your goals. Popular dual enrollment courses include the following:

  • ENG-114: College Composition
  • ENG-212: Writing in Culture
  • COM-112: Communication in Culture
  • PSY-111: General Psychology
  • MATH-121: College Algebra
  • BIO-111: Introduction to Biological Science
  • BIO-151: General Biology

Placement Exams

Courses in some subject areas—English, Spanish and math—require additional exams and/or interviews to be completed prior to the opening of class registration. Exams may take up to an hour to complete. For more information, contact Admissions at 616.222.1426.

  • English and Math: ACT/SAT scores may be required to register for these courses.
  • Spanish: Placement exam and possible interview required.

Course Preference Registration Form

Dual enroll course registration will be handled according to the submission date and order of course preference. Please note that fall and spring students will be placed in a maximum of two classes. Summer students can be placed in one class per summer semester. The Admissions Office cannot guarantee your enrollment in any of your preferred courses.

Dual enrollment course registration for Fall 2020 is now closed.

FERPA Policies

In accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 as amended, it is necessary for Cornerstone University officials to obtain written consent from a student prior to releasing information from the student's financial record to most sources outside the university. FERPA policy also allows the release of directory information.

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