Alazar Alemu began his information technology internship at Nucraft Furniture Co in May 2022. Three months later, this powerhouse computer science student is now a contender for not one but two internship opportunities with big-name local businesses this fall.

Working for a manufacturing company like Nucraft, Alazar’s day starts as early as 7 a.m. with supporting on-site technology processes. He writes reports, creates charts and works with Microsoft licenses in the morning before heading home to work on data cleanup remotely.

Between being an IT intern, full-time Cornerstone student, junior varsity soccer player and campus safety employee, Alazar is well-acquainted with the occasional energy drink.

“I had to become a morning person,” he said, laughing about the adjustment from working the night shift at Cornerstone’s campus security to being up bright and early for Nucraft.

A Journey of Discovery

Alazar’s path to Nucraft has included a few unexpected turns. He began his studies in his home country of Ethiopia pursuing civil engineering. After moving to the United States, he changed course and explored biomedical engineering at Cornerstone, but his journey of discovery didn’t stop there.

“I was like, let me just take one programming class and see what it has. I learned a lot from that class. I was able to develop some games and apps by myself for fun, so those helped me a lot [to determine] what I really want to do and what my passion is.”

Putting Concepts to Work

It’s one thing to learn about concepts in the classroom and another to take it into the day-to-day. From creating his own recreational games to working his Nucraft internship, Alazar has experienced the value of an applicable education at Cornerstone.

“I learned a lot during school that I’m applying right now [at Nucraft],” said Alazar. “It will come at some point that you’re like, ‘Oh, this is why I learned this,’ and it’ll click.”

Looking ahead to fall, Alazar expressed appreciation for his connections with Cornerstone professors and the support of a Christ-centered community while being both a student and an intern.

“Wherever I go, we start by praying,” he said. “That keeps me encouraged and motivated to keep going.”

Senior Year and Beyond

Although the dust is still settling on his final plans for fall, Alazar continues to envision the future, even beyond his upcoming senior year at Cornerstone. Post-graduation, he plans to stay in the field of computer science and hopes to one day work his way up to a senior programming manager position. Currently, his sights are set on the global mammoth Amazon.

Alazar’s time at Cornerstone may be coming to close in the next year, but our community is excited to keep walking alongside him as he shines on campus, at Nucraft and beyond.

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