Whether employed full-time, jumping between part-time jobs, taking care of family or waiting for that next opportunity, you work hard. As with any investment worth pursuing, becoming a student takes determination and persistence. Still, you know that the achievement of earning your degree is worth the time and dedication.

You may be awaiting a promotion, pay increase or other financial benefit upon completing a degree program that better aligns with your goals. Cornerstone University is committed to providing opportunities to make pursuing your goals affordable. When you begin your program, you’ll team up with a dedicated student financial services team who will help you know what to expect in tuition and help you find financial aid opportunities you may be eligible for.

Four Ways To Save Money As a Student

To help you make the most of this season as a student, here are five tips you can use to maximize your savings as you pursue your education.

Use Student Discounts

Student discounts can be a popular and easy way to save money as a college student. And you might be surprised by how common these discounts are offered by local businesses. Save on anything from retail to car insurance to trip planning.

If you’re not sure if your favorite retailer offers a student discount, ask the cashier or customer service representative to see if there are any additional opportunities to save. The company’s website may also indicate whether or not they offer a discount with a student ID.

Here are some popular places you can find student discount offers that you’ll want to take advantage of:

  • Subscriptions to publications like The Economist, The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal.
  • Retail shops. Often, all you’ll need is your student ID, or you create an account online using a third-party verification service.
  • Music streaming services like Apple Music or Spotify.
  • Microsoft Office shares exclusive discounts and a free version of Office 365 for students.
  • Your favorite fast casual, fast food or other restaurants.
  • Services like car rental, phone plans, insurance and many others.

Browsing around online can help you find discounts for your favorite businesses.

Take Advantage of Financial Aid

Another way to save money as a student is by cutting down your overall tuition costs through financial assistance.

When you start your program, you’ll want to be mindful of each and every opportunity available to you for receiving federal aid, scholarships or other employer discounts. At Cornerstone University, your student financial services specialist will help you walk through the steps toward receiving financial aid and other ways to cut down your out-of-pocket costs.

Remember to complete your Free Application for Federal Student Aid every year to confirm your eligibility for your aid.

You can also check out your local community foundations to explore additional scholarships as you pursue this important investment in yourself. If you’re employed, ask your organization if they offer tuition reimbursement that you can use as you add value to the company.

Work Out For Free

If you’re looking for a place to stay healthy and active outside your home, see if your school offers students access to their gym or weight room. Staying active can be great for your mental and physical health as you navigate your role as a student. And, using your school’s resources can be a great way to experience campus life and cut down on a monthly gym membership.

For example, at Cornerstone University, students can gain free access to the weight room and fitness center by using their student ID number.

Use a Budget Tracker

If you’re not already following a monthly budget for yourself or for your family, the start of a new journey pursuing your degree is the perfect time to get organized and stay up to date with your finances. Create a budget to start identifying areas of your life in which you can cut down on spending or readjust your spending categories to better align with what you need in this season.

If you identify gaps in your budget, use the tips above to reduce spending. Create your own budget using easy-to-use templates in Microsoft Excel, Every Dollar or Google Sheets. These and other resources make it easy to track your income and spending so you’re always mindful of your financial situation.

Using these benchmarks in your financial journey can also help you see changes over time and prepare to manage additional financial resources when you experience a promotion or pay raise as a result of persevering in your program.

As a student at Cornerstone University, you can engage in training from professionals through the Ron Blue Center. Through programs and other opportunities, you can grow in your financial literacy and move forward with confidence.

Savor Your Student Status

Along with pursuing your professional development, being a student comes with other great benefits. By taking steps as a student to save money and use exclusive offers you’re eligible for now, you can achieve the goal you’ve set out to accomplish.

Not a student yet? Take your next step in using a student status to advance your calling and beyond by learning more about programs at Cornerstone’s Professional & Graduate Studies.

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