Here at Cornerstone University, we value the life that our students bring to campus. One of our community members is particularly enthusiastic. Cornerstone mascot Rocky the Golden Eagle has been hyping up our community for almost 30 years.

Rocky was first introduced to campus in the early 1990s, cheering for the newly renamed men’s and women’s basketball teams—the Golden Eagles—and he quickly became a mascot across all Cornerstone athletics.

Rocky’s Favorite Activities

Rocky’s been around awhile, and he keeps a busy schedule on campus. His favorite activity is hyping up the crowd at Cornerstone athletic events, and you can often find him at the Bernice Hansen Athletic Center supporting  our variety of athletic teams.

Rocky also loves welcoming new students and their families into our campus community. On Arrival Day, Rocky works the crowd, jumps into pictures with fans and helps students get even more excited about their futures at Cornerstone.

Of course, it can’t be all fun and games. When it’s time to get down to business, Rocky also travels with the president of Cornerstone to talk with Lansing legislators about funding education.

Where Can You Find Rocky?

As a sports aficionado, Rocky spends much of his time at the Bernice Hansen Athletic Center. The athletic center is like a one-stop shop for all things sports—it houses all the athletic offices, coaches and trainers, as well as our basketball and volleyball court, plus the campus weight room. Between going to games and gliding around the campus pond, Rocky enjoys snagging warm chocolate chips from the cafeteria and strolling through our Athletic Hall of Fame.

You’ve Met Rocky—He Wants to Meet You!

Now that you’ve gotten to know Rocky, Rocky (and the rest of our community) would love to get to know you. Get started by filling out your Cornerstone application, and if you’re interested in being a college athlete, don’t forget to complete a recruitment form!