When I was looking at colleges, I had the opportunity to visit Cornerstone University twice before I committed to enrolling. During my visit, I got a better view of what my life on campus would look like. Now as I play board games in the student lounge or eat popcorn chicken bowl in the cafeteria, I remember my visits fondly. When I visited Cornerstone, I was able to engage  with students, faculty and staff who cared about me and my academic journey. This gave me peace about my college decision that I still have.

What to Expect

Campus visits give you an opportunity to tour campus, interact with students and meet with university professors, coaches and admissions staff.

At Cornerstone, our student tour guides are eager to meet prospective students and share about academic buildings and residence halls.

I talked with Alexis Demery, a sophomore at CU, who has been a student tour guide for almost a year. She shared a few questions that she is often asked during tours. Frequent questions include what she’s studying, her favorite experiences at Cornerstone and her opinion of the cafeteria meals.

“What do you tell them?” I asked when she mentioned the cafeteria food.

“Well,” she grinned, “I usually say, ‘It is most days.’”

Whether you take your Cornerstone tour with Lexi or one of our other student guides, the route will take you in a full circle around campus so that you can explore the spaces where you could spend time studying, living and hanging out with friends as a CU student.

Visits also often include a one-on-one meeting with your admissions counselor. During this meeting, your counselor will get to know you and your family to help guide you through the application process.

If you know what you want to study, your counselor can provide you insights into your potential four-year academic plan. Your counselor can also talk you through scholarships and financial aid options to help you plan how to pay for college. Most importantly, our admissions team wants to answer any questions you might have about applying, so ask away!

Tips For Your Visit

I remember trying to prepare for my first campus visit and if there’s one thing I would say, it’s to be ready to have a lot of information coming your way. One of the best things you can do is  make a list of any questions you have before your visit and then bring it with you so that you can remember to ask them.

Also, watch the weather! Our brave tour guides are committed to showing you campus in rain, snow or shine.  So if you’re up for visiting no matter the weather, remember to pack a raincoat or a pair of snow boots. But don’t worry! If you forget, you are always welcome to borrow an umbrella or take some hand warmers from the Admissions Office while you explore campus.

Connecting With Campus Virtually

If a physical campus visit to Cornerstone isn’t possible for you and your family, that’s OK! Cornerstone has virtual resources to help you see what campus life is like from wherever you are. We have a full virtual tour that shows you different places around campus, including dorms and academic buildings, so you can get a sense of your future college home.

Another way to connect with campus is to join the ZeeMee student app! ZeeMee allows you to connect directly with current students and experience the ins and outs of various dorms and majors through videos made by members of our campus community.

If you are interested in getting to know more about Cornerstone, schedule your campus visit today! If you are ready to plug into campus life virtually, follow this ZeeMee link to view Cornerstone’s content.

Plan My Campus Visit