Kathy Sindorf (B.A. ’75) wanted to start a business, an organization that helped nonprofits with their marketing efforts. But when she called up her friend, marketing guru Bill McKendry, he had a different idea. And that idea was a book.

In February 2022, Sindorf and McKendry will release, “Do More Good: Moving Nonprofits from Good to Growth,” a comprehensive marketing guide for nonprofit organizations both large and small.

McKendry and Sindorf both have extensive experience in marketing, advertising and communications. McKendry is the founder of HAVEN, a creative hub and nationally recognized marketing agency, and Sindorf is currently the director of marketing for Trinity International University-Florida. Sindorf has taught communication and media courses at Cornerstone University for over 15 years.

When Sindorf called McKendry to pick his brain about new endeavors, he asked her to write a book with him.

“Bill said to me, ‘You get the big picture. You understand the totality of marketing,’” Sindorf recalled. “Literally by the end of that week, we had signed a book deal.”

Her friendship with McKendry goes back to her first few weeks teaching at Cornerstone, when the university called together a media think tank to launch the new media major. McKendry was a guest lecturer for Sindorf’s classes over the years, especially for advertising courses that Sindorf developed for the Communication & Media Division. The book is the outgrowth of both Sindorf and McKendry’s careers and experience in marketing and communications.

For many small nonprofits, marketing can be the key to generating revenue and increasing awareness of their mission. But having a clear marketing strategy is an important factor, and this book will inspire and empower nonprofits to ideate better ways to use their marketing power.

Over the course of a year, Sindorf and McKendry built up their resources and information and organized the book, having weekly Zoom meetings in the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in mid-2020. Sindorf has written chapters for various books throughout the years, but this was the first book she’s seen through from start to finish.

“It was so much fun,” Sindorf said. “Bill is such a storyteller, and I loved spending that weekly time with him. We took bits and pieces from his stories and blog posts and began stringing them together.”

Throughout all of it, Sindorf said, she could see God’s hand at work. After all, she hadn’t set out to write a book, but as she explained—“I’m always ready to jump into something new!”

Sindorf hopes that “Do More Good” will be a valuable resource for anyone who works in or with a nonprofit organization, even if they don’t directly work in marketing.

“I have a heart for Christian nonprofits that are really doing good things in the world,” Sindorf said. “Investing in more marketing ideas is the best way they can do more good.”

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