Making the Investment.

It's important to fully understand the costs and the financial aid opportunities available for graduate education. You'll find all the information you need clearly listed below in order to make a wise financial decision as you consider attending seminary.

Each fall and spring semester bill provides an outline of tuition and fees based upon the number of classes you are taking. It will also show a summary of any financial aid (grants and scholarships) you are scheduled to receive. Summer semester bills will show tuition and there are no fees assessed for summer classes. 


Tuition (M.Div. and M.A. degrees): $520 per credit hour
Th.M. Tuition: $535 per credit hour

Semester Fees

Registration fee (library, activities, etc.)

1-4 credit hours: $110
5 or more credit hours: $215

Technology fee, per credit hour: $13
Vehicle registration fee (not applicable to online students): $75

The average full-time student (12 credits) can expect to pay per semester: $6,686
The average part-time student (six credits) can expect to pay per semester: $3,488

Financial Aid

More than 3/4 of the students who apply for aid receive some type of grant or scholarship. Institutional grants and scholarships are offered to new and returning students based on merit and need. Federal loans are also provided as assistance for those who qualify. You must be registered for at least five credit hours each semester to receive financial aid. Please visit our Grants and Scholarships page to learn more. 

Veterans Benefits

Veteran Benefits are available for those that qualify. Click here to learn more about veteran benefits.