Hear from GRTS Students.

As you consider attending seminary you might have a lot of questions. What will I experience as a GRTS student? What classes will I take? How will the professors help me through my program? What is so exciting about Grand Rapids? Gain some valuable insight on GRTS and Grand Rapids from the perspective of current students!

Katie Farnquist

MA Counseling, GRTS '14

Why did you choose to come to GRTS?

If God is calling me to counsel others, Biblical counseling seems best for serving Him, whether in a Christian or non-Christian setting. The Scriptures shape our lives, and what a blessing it is to have the tools to let them shape our counseling as well.

Describe your favorite GRTS experience:

It's hard to say whether it is class, which often is really enjoyable, discussions with classmates in and out of class, chapel, or the beauty of GRTS. I will say I really enjoyed Dr. Greer's chapel teaching concerning the people who displeased God and how they probably were not the heathens we would imagine, but might have been at least going through the motions of the worship God demanded. But that might have been all they were doing.  So what are we doing beyond going through the motions?  

What makes you excited about counseling? 

There are a lot of hurting people struggling through life and counselors can help provide tools for overcoming, changing, or coping with the hurts. As a Biblical counselor, there is an added component of being connected to and having the ability to speak about the Great Counselor. 

Tell us a little about your long-term vocational goals:

God rarely shows me the path beyond my feet, so we shall see, but I am interested in helping teens and women with self-esteem issues, especially mother-daughter combinations, or possibly working in a school setting, or connecting with a ministry in Hungary to work with a people that experience a lot of discrimination. I would also like part of my time to be focused on research, because there is so much still to learn.

Describe the professors' role in your experience at GRTS:

The professors are very knowledgeable and accessible, which I really appreciate.  They are connected to life in many ways, but they always make time for students.  I appreciate their experience, which gives wonderful insight, and they all seek to serve God to the best of their ability, which inspires and encourages me. 

Susie Dixon

Master of Divinity, Pastoral Ministries, GRTS '15

Why did you choose to come to GRTS?

Going back to school after being out of school for 15 years, and not having any Bible or theology education in my background, was a difficult choice, but God was prompting and leading. Upon contacting the student admissions office and gathering information on courses and instructors, I was impressed with their friendliness, support, and encouragement. I had a peace that I was entering a community of people who cared about their students, but most importantly, I felt peace about the learning and growing environment. 

Describe your favorite GRTS experience:

I love the feeling I get when I am able to read the Bible in the original Greek and Hebrew languages and understand what I am reading. These are my favorite moments!

What makes you excited about ministry?

I have been in ministry long enough to understand the hardships, misconceptions, and pain people encounter from different aspects of life. Also, there are the personal challenges of being in ministry. When I think of ministry, I get excited about being the kind of person who provides a safe refuge for hope, healing, unconditional love, reconciliation; and a healthy, growing community with biblical truth, love for God and each other. I believe there is no limit to the amount of love we are given by God; and because of this, there is no limit to the amount of love we can share with each other.

What GRTS class have you enjoyed the most?  Why?

This is a tough question because I have enjoyed all of my classes, but Dr. Gombis’ class on Romans was excellent. The lectures were eye-opening, the class discussions were lively, and the material was exactly what I needed to think through Paul’s letter to the Romans with fresh eyes and a fuller perspective for the purpose of Christians within churches and ministry…for both yesterday and today.

Describe the professors' role in your experience at GRTS:

The instructors at GRTS have been a blessing. I approach each class with an eagerness and joy to soak up as much as I can. I am thankful for all the professors. It is evident that they devote their time to diligently preparing lessons in order for each student to be well equipped and prepared for ministry. 

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