CU Adjusts Class Schedule and Course Format in Response to COVID-19


After consulting with Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, other West Michigan local university leaders and the local health department about the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), Cornerstone University suspended on-ground classes beginning on Thursday, March 12.

Faculty and staff members are delivering services to CU students in a fully online format, including advising and other related student services. This measure was proactively taken to ensure the continued safety of the Cornerstone campus community and help slow the spread of the illness, which helps ease demand on health care systems.

"The leadership team of Cornerstone is continually assessing the coronavirus situation and determining how to best serve students and the university community," said Dr. Peter Osborn, executive vice president and chief operations officer. "In collaboration with local and state health resources, area colleges and universities, the staff and faculty remain committed to our mission of providing a student-focused learning community where Jesus Christ is central."

There remain no known cases of COVID-19 on the CU campus. University offices will continue to provide services to students and their families.

Campus Updates

For up-to-date information on course schedules and campus information, view the Coronavirus Information webpage.

CU Coronavirus Updates