Scholarships & Grants


Below are link to a applications for various scholarship opportunities within Cornerstone University. To be eligible for need-based university gift aid program, a student must submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The student must be enrolled full-time as a degree seeking student in a traditional undergraduate program to receive institutional aid. A FAFSA is not required for merit aid (e.g. academic or athletic awards). Students who have earned a Bachelor's degree do not qualify for institutional aid or PELL.


 Academic Awards and Grants

Find out which academic award you qualify for by using our Net Price Calculator.   Net Price Calculator

Freshman Academic Scholarships and Grants

Based on high school GPA and ACT or SAT scores. Information below reflects 2013-2014 scholarship amounts.

*Outstanding Scholar Award 
President’s Scholarship
Chancellor’s Scholarship
Dean’s Scholarship
Partners for Success Grant

Yearly Award

4 Year Amount

ACT Requirement
National Merit Finalist
23 or higher
18 or below

GPA Requirement
National Merit Finalist
3.8 or higher
2.9 or below

*Must maintain a 3.5 college GPA

Transfer Academic Award Scholarships

For students transferring in over 24 credits, scholarships are based on college GPA.

Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship               
Chancellor’s Scholarship
Deans Scholarship
Partners for Success

Yearly Award

4 Year Amount

College GPA Requirement
PTK Member and 3.7 or higher
3.5 or higher


Pastor's Scholarship Program 2014-2015

The Pastor's Scholarship Program is a nomination based new student scholarship program.  Pastors and Youth Pastors may nominate an incoming freshman or transfer student who they think meet the criteria of the scholarship program:

  • Have demonstrated spiritual maturity
  • Have the capacity to contribute to a “spiritually contagious” environment at Cornerstone
  • Exhibit strong academic credentials
  • Have participated actively within their church and community
  • Desire to be influencers in the world for Christ

The following qualifications must be met in order for a student to be eligible for the Pastor’s Scholarship:

  • Each student must be nominated by a pastor or youth pastor currently on staff within a church.  The nomination deadline for the 2014-2015 academic year has passed.  We are no longer accepting nominations for fall 2014.
  • Nominated students must be accepted for admission for the fall 2014 semester no later than Monday, January 6, 2014.  Additionally, in order to be considered for the scholarship, students must have met or exceeded at least one of the following academic criteria:
    • 3.4 high school G.P.A or 3.2 college G.P.A
    • 25 composite ACT score or 1700 SAT score
  • All nominees must be eligible to file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and complete the form no later than March 1, 2014.  Additionally, all students must submit the Nominated Student Resume form by March 1, 2014.  Forms will be emailed to students once they are nominated. 

Pastor's Scholarship Quick Facts


Global Scholarship Program (Missionary Kids)

The Global Scholarship Program is a nomination based new student scholarship program for missionary kids.  Mission organization leaders may nominate an incoming freshman or transfer student who they think meet the criteria of the scholarship program. (Student’s family must be in active ministry outside of the United States. If family is currently on furlough, the nomination will still be accepted).

The Global Scholarship committee members reviewing nominations will be awarding students who:

  • Have demonstrated spiritual maturity
  • Have the capacity to contribute to a “spiritually contagious” environment at Cornerstone
  • Exhibit strong academic credentials
  • Have participated actively within their church and community
  • Desire to be influencers in the world for Christ

The following qualifications must be met in order for a student to be eligible for the Global Scholarship:

  • Each student must be nominated no later than Monday, February 3, 2014 by 5:00pm. 
  • Nominated students must be accepted for admission for the fall 2014 semester no later than Monday, March 3, 2014.  Additionally, in order to be considered for the scholarship, students must have met or exceeded at least one of the following academic criteria:
    • 3.4 high school G.P.A or 3.2 college G.P.A
    • 25 composite ACT score or 1700 SAT score
  • All nominees must be eligible to file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and complete the form no later than March 10, 2014.  Additionally, all students must submit the Nominated Student Resume form by March 10, 2014.  Forms will be emailed to students once they are nominated. 

Nomination Form: To be filled out and submitted by a mission organization leader
Global Scholarship Quick Facts

 Urban Scholarship

The Urban Scholarship is a nomination based new student scholarship program primarily for African American or Hispanic students from diverse, urban backgrounds. Scholarship amounts range from $500-$2,500 per year.

Scholarship Criteria:

  • Student must meet the Cornerstone University admissions academic requirements (2.5 high school G.P.A, 19 ACT/1350 SAT) and have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • Student must display strong leadership potential and clear spiritual commitment to excel in the Cornerstone campus community. Involvement must include, but is not limited to, the Cornerstone University Multicultural Organization.
  • Student must complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) each year by March 1.
  • Student must maintain a Cumulative 2.0 grade point average in college in order to retain the scholarship each year.
  • Student must live on campus in traditional housing for all four years of enrollment at CU. (Scholarship may be applied towards room and board expenses.)

Nomination Form: To be filled out and submitted, along with a letter of recommendation, by March 24, 2014.
Student Resume: To be filled out and submitted by the nominee (student) by March 24, 2014.


Federal and State Grants 

Federal Pell Grant

Federal Pell Grant, unlike a loan, does not have to be repaid. Federal Pell Grants is a need-based grant awarded only to undergraduate students who are pursuing their first bachelors degree. (In some cases, however, a student enrolled in a post-baccalaureate teacher certification program might receive a Federal Pell Grant.) You are not eligible to receive a Federal Pell Grant if you are incarcerated in a federal or state penal institution or are subject to an involuntary civil commitment upon completion of a period of incarceration for a forcible or non-forcible sexual offense.   

  • Amounts can change yearly. The maximum Federal Pell Grant award is $5,645 for the 2013–14 award year 

Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG)

The FSEOG Program provides need-based grants to help low-income undergraduate students finance the costs of postsecondary education. When making FSEOG awards, the institution must give priority to those students with “exceptional need” (those with the lowest Expected Family Contributions, or EFCs, at the institution) and those who are also Federal Pell Grant recipients. Students must file a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) as part of the application process for an FSEOG. The FAFSA can be completed on the Web at For more information on FAFSA and the student aid award process, see the entry for the Federal Pell Grant Program.

Federal TEACH Grant

The TEACH Grant Program provides grants of up to $3,712 a year to students who are completing or plan to complete course work needed to begin a career in teaching.

As a condition for receiving a TEACH Grant, you must sign a TEACH Grant Agreement to Serve in which you agree to (among other requirements) teach

  • in a high-need field 
  • at an elementary school, secondary school, or educational service agency that serves students from low-income families 
  • for at least four complete academic years within eight years after completing (or ceasing enrollment in) the course of study for which you received the grant.
Each year that you receive a TEACH Grant, you must sign an Agreement to Serve on the TEACH Grant website. The agreement explains the terms and conditions for receiving a TEACH Grant. By signing the Agreement to Serve, you agree to these terms and conditions and acknowledge that if you do not fulfill the service obligation described in the agreement, the TEACH Grant funds you received will be converted to a loan that you must repay.
IMPORTANT: If you do not complete your service obligation, all TEACH Grant funds you received will be converted to a Direct Unsubsidized Loan. You must then repay this loan to the U.S. Department of Education, withinterest charged from the date the TEACH Grant was disbursed (paid to you or on your behalf). 

To receive a TEACH Grant, you must:

  • Meet the basic eligibility criteria for the federal student aid programs.
  • Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSASM).
  • Be enrolled as an undergraduate, postbaccalaureate, or graduate student at a school that participates in the TEACH Grant Program. 
  • Be enrolled in a TEACH-Grant-eligible program.
  • Meet certain academic achievement requirements (generally, scoring above the 75th percentile on one or more portions of a college admissions test or maintaining a cumulative GPA of at least 3.25). For specific information about the academic requirements, talk to the financial aid office at your college or career school.
  • Receive TEACH Grant counseling that explains the terms and conditions of the TEACH Grant service obligation. You must complete counseling each year that you receive a TEACH Grant.
  • Sign a TEACH Grant Agreement to Serve.

Michigan Tuition Grant

The Michigan Tuition Grant program is available to undergraduate Michigan residents with financial need who plan to attend or are attending independent, degree-granting Michigan postsecondary institutions. Applicants must file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) prior to May 1 preceding Fall enrollment. Students are encouraged to file their FAFSA on the Web at Paper forms are available from the Federal Student Aid Information Center by calling 1-800-4-FEDAID or a printable version can be accessed on the Web site Students must file a renewal FAFSA every year to determine possible continued program eligibility. Students are responsible for notifying the Student Scholarships and Grants (SSG) of a change in their college choice.

Additional Scholarship Opportunities

Athletic Scholarships

Cornerstone University is part of the NAIA and offers 15 varsity-level sports teams with athletic scholarships. Contact the athletics department at 616.222.1425 to arrange a meeting with a coach.

International Student Grant

These scholarships are available to international students who have financial need and are not eligible to receive assistance through the federal student aid programs. Eligibility is determined by the associate dean of admissions and the director of student financial services based on a student's financial situation. The maximum amount is $3,000.

Multicultural Scholarship

This award is available to students who are part of a recognized minority group and who meet specific institutionally determined need requirements.

Music Scholarship

Awarded based on audition. Contact the Fine Arts Division to arrange an audition at 616.222.1545. Non-music majors are also encouraged to apply for these scholarships.

Outstanding Scholar Award

This scholarship recognizes National Merit scholarship finalists. It is available to first-time enrollees and transfer students who enroll at Cornerstone by the beginning of the third semester after the student graduates from high school. Recipients are eligible to receive the award for up to ten semesters at Cornerstone University by maintaining a cumulative GPA of 3.5. After a student has earned a degree, he or she is no longer eligible to receive the award. The finalist award may be used to cover summer courses and J-term courses through the summer following the tenth semester of enrollment. Finalists will receive $12,000 in institutional aid. Total institutional aid, Michigan Tuition Grant and Competitive Scholarship for recipients of either award may not exceed total tuition. The award may not be used for off-campus programs such as CCCU programs.


Cornerstone Need Grant 

These funds are available to students meeting specific need criteria based on a student's estimated family contribution, academics, residency plans and other gift aid. The amount of the award is determined based on the same criteria.

Cornerstone University Ministry Major Grant

This grant is provided to Michigan residents who are ineligible for Michigan Competitive Scholarship or Michigan Tuition Grant funds due to their enrollment in a Christian Ministry major. Students must have attained junior or senior status and otherwise demonstrate eligibility for the MTG or MCS to be eligible for this grant. The amount of the grant is one-half of the state grant eligibility for the year

Out-of-State Grant

This award is available to first-time students who are not residents of the state of Michigan who do not receive other academic aid. The maximum amount for this scholarship is $1000 and is renewable as long as the student maintains residency out of state.

Resident Need Grant

Awarded to students living in university residence halls who demonstrate financial need. These funds are available to students meeting specific need criteria based on a student's EFC, academics, residency plans, and other gift aid. The amount of the award is determined based on the same criteria.

Endowed and Restricted Scholarships

 Cornerstone University annually awards several scholarships funded by generous friends of the university. A scholarship committee in consultation with members of the faculty awards most of the scholarships in April of each year based upon the individual criteria for each scholarship. Application for scholarships is made on the Institutional Scholarship Application which is due the first Monday of February each year.

To view a printable list of scholarship descriptions, amounts and individual requirements click here.
The Institutional Scholarship Application will be made available in December (Due the first Monday in February).

Other Scholarships

Community Foundation Scholarships

Grand Rapids Community Foundation

Muskegon Community Foundation (Muskegon, Oceana and Mason Counties)

Kalamazoo Community Foundation

Hillsdale County Community Foundation

Saginaw Community Foundation Scholarship

Don't see your local community listed? Research what may be available in your area!

Free informational websites that helps you find scholarships you may qualify for.

School Soup

Featured Scholarships

3D Graphic Design Scholarship

DAZ 3D is offering a $1000 scholarship to 3D Graphic Design Students seeking financial aid for tuition, books, and education related costs. Find out more.

Abbott and Fenner Scholarship Program

The A&F Scholarships are available to all high school juniors and seniors as well as all students currently registered in any accredited post secondary institution.  Find out more.

Advancing Aspirations Global Scholarship

 AAGS is an essay contest designed to engage students in international women’s issues.  Find out more.

"Advice to Your High School Self" Scholarship

Take a online survey and you'll be eligible to compete for the Campus Discovery $2,500 Scholarship. Find our more.

AES Scholarship 2013

AES Engineering is pleased to be able to continue offering scholarships to motivated students to help in the furthering of their education. You do not have to be an engineering major to qualify.  Find out more. 

All About Education $3,000 Scholarship

Student must write a 250 word essay.  Find out more.

Alternate Energy Inc Scholarship

Offering a scholarship to Hawaii students (Hawaii residents and out-of-state students studying in Hawaii are eligible). Find out more.

ATHENA Scholarship

To help deserving women over the age of 30 in the Grand Rapids and the Lakeshore area complete their dream of a college degree. Grand Rapids Scholarship  |  Lakeshore Scholarship

Athnet Sports Recruiting Scholarship

Offering a $1,000 scholarship for a current or future college student who are or were athletes. Find out more.

B. Davis Scholarship

This Scholarship is available to all high school juniors and seniors as well as all students currently registered in any post secondary institution.  Find out more.

Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship

Students studying abroad during the Summer 2013 and Fall 2013/Academic Year 2013/2014 can apply for this award.  Find out more.

Best Online College Undergraduate Scholarship

Any future student/entrepreneur who is currently attending a college or university, or will be attending within one year. Find out more.

Best Price Nutrition Scholarship

Offering one student a $1,000 paid scholarship towards their academic costs for the 2014 school year. Find out more.

Blaze Wifi Scholarship for Rural Students

For college-bound HS seniors and students enrolled full-time in an undergraduate or graduate level degree program at a college or university located in the United States.  Find out more.

BigSun Scholarship

The successful applicant will be currently involved in athletics in some capacity, either for their school or for their community. Find out more.

Brian White Academic Scholarship

Currently enrolled at an accredited high school, college, or university in the U.S offering one award of $1000.  Find out more.

CEO of Tomorrow Scholarship

Available for students interested in business leadership and/or entrepreneurship. Find out more.

Charles R. Ullman & Associates Scholarship Essay Contest

Offering four (4) scholarships in our Scholarship Essay Contest to deserving undergraduate and graduate college students who author winning essays on either the marital domestic violence or marital communication topics.  Find out more.

Charter One TruFit Good Citizen Scholarship

 Tell us what you do to help others and you could win one of 10 $5,000 TruFit Good Citizen Scholarships!  Find out more.

CoachUp Scholarship Program

Awarding scholarships to outstanding student athletes.  Find out more.

College Prowler "No Essay" Scholarship

For US students currently enrolled in college. Find out more.

Create-A-Greeting-Card $10,000 Scholarship Contest

Submit photo, artwork or computer graphic to create a greeting card. Find out more.

Creative Bioscience Fitness Scholarship 

The Fitness Scholarship is designed to encourage and promote a healthier lifestyle and to help college students learn about healthy eating habits early.  Find out more.

Domo Scholarship for Business Management

Two (2) $2,500 Scholarships for students interesting in Business, Business Management, and Analytics. Find out more.

Drive to Learn Scholarship

Applicants must be enrolled full time and write a 750-1000 word essay on one of four topics.  Student could receive a $1,000 scholarship.  Find out more.

DutchCrafters Amish Furniture Heritage Scholarship

The DutchCrafters Amish Furniture Heritage Scholarship will award five scholarships of $500 each.  Find out more.

Fifth Month $1,500 Scholarship

Write a funny or serious letter to the number five.  Find out more.

Flavor of the Month $1,500 Scholarship

Submit an online short written response (250 words or less).  Find out more.

Fred & Lena Meijer Scholarship

For Meijer Full and Part-time team members and children of Meijer team members who have been employed for at least one year.  Find out more.

Future of Technology Scholarship

In 1000 to 2000 words, paint a picture of the world we inhabit in 2040 and how technology has fundamentally changed our lives.  Find out more.

Gilbraitti Scholarship

To be considered eligible for the Gilbraitti Scholarship you must: be between the ages of 16-20, attending a College or University in the Fall of 2013,  and include the essay prior to the deadline. Find out more.

GIVA, INC. $1,000 Corporate Scholarship

All eligible students will be required to compose a thoughtful essay between 500 – 1,000 words answering the question: “How will you use your talents and education to make the world a better place for future generations? What are your career and personal goals and why?” Award winners are required to perform some community service volunteer work.  Find out more.

Global English Editing Scholarship

The Global English Editing Scholarship Program awards one $1500 scholarship each year to a high performing student in the United States.  Find out more.

Michigan Retailers Association (MRA) Scholarship

Recognizes deserving students who have achieved a high level of academic achievement and are a part-time employee or dependent of a full-time employee of a business that is a member of the MRA.

Jan Egerton and Don Smitley Mesothelioma Scholarship

Available to students in colleges and universities throughout the United States. Our goal is to help the educational efforts of students while raising awareness of mesothelioma and the dangers of asbestos. Mesothelioma is a disease that affects men and women – both young and old.  Find out more.

John Gyles Education Awards

Available to Canadian or American citizens with a 2.7 or higher grade point average. Find out more.

Air and Waste Management Association of West Michigan

Awarded to students studying for a career in environmental protection. Find out more.

American Chemical Society Scholarship

Available to African American, Hispanic/Latino or American Indian students seeking a chemical or science degree in the field of chemistry, biochemistry, chemical engineering, materials science and environmental science. Find out more.

Healthy Choices Scholarship

To be eligible for the Healthy Choices Scholarship you must be attending an accredited post-secondary institution by the fall of 2013. A student can be enrolled at any level in any program that is two years in length or longer. Additionally, students must be United States or Canadian residents. A student must also submit an essay prior to the deadline.  Find out more.

Hispanic Scholarship Fund (HSF)

Awarded to students of Hispanic heritage. Find out more.

James Madison Foundation Scholarship

 Awarded to students who are US citizens or nationals that are currently or plan to be a teacher of American history, American government or social studies at a secondary school level (grades 7-12). Find out more.

Liljegren Law Group Military Family Scholarship

To help our servicemen and women and their families who are continuing their education. Find out more.

Lions of Michigan Scholarship for the Visually Impaired

Awarded to legally blind students. Find out more.

Lowell Rotary Foundation

Scholarships to graduating seniors who live in the Lowell Area School District or attend Lowell High School.  Find out more.

Mary Free Bed Disability Scholarship 

Must possess a diagnosed physical disability related to a brain injury, spinal cord injury, stroke, limb difference or overcoming any other serious acquired or congenital neurological condition treatable through rehabilitation.  Residence of West Michigan preferred.  Find out more.

Mary Free Bed Minority Scholarship Program

For eligible minority students residing in West Michigan pursuing a nursing, physical therapy, occupation therapy, speech language pathology, therapeutic recreation, or neuropsychology program. Find out more.

MassMutual Scholars

A national scholarship program for high achieving college students of African-American, Asian/Pacific Islander or Hispanic descent.  Find out more.

Michigan Association for the Education of Young Children Student Leadership Scholarship Award

Awarded to a student with a minimum of 60 credit hours, a GPA or 2.75 or higher and is pursuing a bachelor's degree in the field of early childhood development/education. Find out more.

Michigan Auto Law Car Accident Injury Survivor Scholarship

Offering annual scholarships for college students who were victims of car accidents earlier in their lives and who have overcome their injuries. Find out more.

Miriam Schaefer Scholarship/Michigan Council of Teachers of Mathematics

Awarded to college seniors enrolled in a teacher education program with a math specialty with a minimum 3.0 GPA. Find out more. Scholarship

Share your moving stories for a chance to win $500 scholarship from Movers Corp! Find out more.

National Association of Negro Business & Professional Women's Clubs, Inc.

Several scholarships are available to African-American females of all ages. Find out more.

National Federation of the Blind

Available to students who are legally blind. Find out more.

National Italian American Foundation Scholarship

Must be of Italian American decent and have a minimum GPA of 3.25. Find out more.

The National Scholars Honor Society

Available to highly qualified students who participated in the National Honors Society. Find out more.

New Look Laser Tattoo Removal Semiannual Scholarship

A merit-based scholarships for students pursuing higher education with an emphasis in one of the following fields: nursing, medicine, natural or applied sciences, or engineering. Find out more

Nursing Education Scholarship

Available to applicants who are applying to a medical related field or who are currently pursuing further education in the fields of nursing and medicine. Find out more.

Olshan Healthy Homes Scholarship

The scholarship, for the sum of $1,000, is open to students pursuing a degree from an accredited University. The scholarship is granted for a year at a time, but winners may reapply on an annual basis. Find out more.

Robert Walker Journalism Scholarship

The Robert Walker Scholarship Fund helps young Christians whom God has called into Christian journalism.  Find out more.

Rogers Community Volunteer Scholarship

To be eligible a student must be attending school full-time in the fall and can be enrolled in any level of their undergraduate degree program. High School seniors who will graduate this year are considered eligible. Find out more.

Rosamond P. Haeberle Memorial Scholarship sponsored by the Michigan Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution

 Awarded to female students who have served on active duty for a minimum of 6 continuous months. Find out more.

Savvy Saver Scholarship

The student with the best essay on the topic will receive a $2,500 scholarship. No purchase is necessary to participate. See our official rules.

Scholarship by Design Award

Come up with a creative and unique idea for a scholarship.  Find out more.

Security Choice Scholarship

Students must write a 1,000 word essay from one of two prompts and be enrolled in an accredited two-year or four-year college or university or in an accredited graduate school program. Find out more.

Senior Care Innovation Scholarship

The annual scholarship award is for five (5) students enrolled in an associate's degree, bachelor's degree or graduate level program in the fields of gerontology, long term care administration, social work, medicine, nursing, or sociology at an accredited 2-year college or 4-year university.  Find out more. 

Smile for the Future Scholarship

The Smile for the Future scholarship is an annual award that will be provided to students pursuing a career in medicine or other healthcare related field such as dentistry.  This award will be bestowed to a student based on the quality of their essay.  Find out more.

Sussle $1,000 Scholarship

Just contribute knowledge about stuff you already know. Find out more.

Talbots Women's Scholarship Fund

Given to women who have received their GED or high school diploma 10 years prior to enrolling in college. Find out more.

Textbooks For a Year Scholarship

An essay contest awarding college student up to $1,250. Find out more.

Thermo Scientific Pierce Scholarship Program

Thermo Fisher Scientific is offering our future science scholars an opportunity to win $10,000 in scholarship funding.  Find out more.

Tutor the People Essay Scholarship

Tutor the People is committed to its mission of helping unprivileged students gain access to higher education, particularly for those who live in low socioeconomic areas. We believe that in order to create opportunities for entire communities, we must first devote attention to individuals and lead others by example. Find out more.

United Realty Students $10,000 Scholarship

Students must respond to essay question and be between the ages of 16 and 22.  Find out more.

U.S. Bank Scholarship

U.S. Bank will award forty $1,000 scholarships through a random drawing process. Undergraduate students attending an eligible four-year college or university participating in the U.S. Bank No Fee Education Loan Program are eligible to apply. Click here for further details.

Vista Health Solutions Scholarship

Vista Health Solutions is giving away a $500 scholarship to one student who will be attending a public or private university in the Fall of 2013. To apply, applicants must complete the form below and submit an essay on the topic of: “How I will stay in control of my health during my college years”  Find out more.

Wholesale Halloween Costumes $500 Scholarship Award 

The Wholesale Halloween Costumes Scholarship is offered to part time and full time college students. One applicant will be selected to receive a $500 scholarship award. Our goal is to contribute to higher education and learning by offering the winning student financial assistance to help cover the expenses of tuition and books.  Find out more.

WMSBF Green Leaders and Future Green Leaders Competition

Submit a 500-700 word essay or 3-minute video that answers the question:  “How Do You Inspire Others to Be More Sustainable?”  Find out more. 

Young & Free Michigan Scholarship Competition

More than $50,000 in scholarships—create a video or write an essay to win! Deadline Feb 12, 2013. Find out more.

Youth Volunteer Scholarship

For students you have completed 50 hours of volunteer work in the past 2 years and maintained a 3.5 GPA.  Find out more.

Financial Aid