Nigel Crompton

Professor of Biology

Faculty Positions:

Traditional Undergrad Academics - Kinesiology, Science, Engineering & Mathematics

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Nigel Crompton earned his B.Sc. and M.Sc. from Manchester University in Manchester, United Kingdom. He received his Ph.D. from Justus Liebig University in Giessen, Germany, and his D.Sc. from Zurich University in Zurich, Switzerland. At Cornerstone, Crompton teaches Biology, Genetics, Molecular Cell Biology, Bioethics, Evolution and Origins and Neuroscience.

Crompton has published over 100 scientific papers, half of which are featured in peer-reviewed science journals. He also developed a biomedical test to predict the severity of patient response to cancer therapy.

Crompton is fluent in German and has led Bible study and fellowship groups in the UK, Germany, Switzerland and the United States.

Conference Presentations

Dr. Crompton presented at the "Science & Faith" Biology Conference in Stuttgart, Germany March 2015.

In Cadillac, Michigan from May 3 - 8, 2015, Dr. Crompton presented on his radiation oncology research called "Radiation-induced pathophysiology: Kinetics of radiation-induced apoptosis in T cells" at the Integrated Course in Biology and Physics of Radiation Oncology funded by the National Institute of Health.


  • D.Sc., University of Zurich, Switzerland
  • Ph.D., Justus-Liedig University of Giessen, Germany
  • M.Sc., Victoria University of Manchester, England
  • B.Sc., Victoria University of Manchester, England


—Cross country running
—Campanology (the study of bells)


—Cancer research