Traditional Undergrad Visits


You are invited to be our guest! 

Experience life at CU and see what it means to be a Golden Eagle. Register online, by phone at 1.800.787.9778, or email us with any questions at

Visit Opportunities:

 If you'd like to get your own personalized day at Cornerstone, then an individual visit is for you. This option is more flexible than the others as it provides a customized schedule for the events of your day. It gives you the opportunity to sit in on a class and meet with professors, coaches and you admissions counselor

Golden Eagle Days are a great opportunity get a broad view of campus while interacting with other prospective students and their parents. It is the largest of our visit days and provides many opportunities to hear insights from much of the faculty and staff at Cornerstone, including Dr. Stowell.

Encompass acts as an early orientation day for students who have already decided to attend Cornerstone. You'll receive all the information you need to begin your college journey with us. You'll even register for classes for the Fall semester!

Are you a youth pastor, teacher or coach wanting to bring your group of students on a college visit? Group Visits will be the best option for you to explore CU's campus. 


Sneak Peek Days are a scaled down version of Golden Eagle Days without the crowds. You'll meet with our Dean of Student Engagement and Dean of Career and Life Calling to give you an understanding of what life is like outside the classroom.



Fly to GR Program

We want to help you visit campus! The CU Fly to GR program* will offer up to a $300 credit to your CU account to visiting prospective students for airline costs. The reimbursement only applies to the student’s cost of travel (family members are not covered), and only if the student travels the distance of 250 (land) miles or more. For more information on our CU Fly to GR program, and for applicable program dates, call 1.800.787.9778.

  Traveling to Grand Rapids, MI & Cornerstone University

Grand Rapids is the second largest city in Michigan.  Cornerstone University is located 5 miles from downtown GR.  We’re committed to making your visit experience enjoyable, and have provided the following area resources to help with your travel planning.