Accreditation matters.

Accreditation provides assurance that the program in which you are enrolled or are considering enrolling in is engaged in continuous review and improving in quality, that it meets nationally endorsed standards, and that it is held accountable for achieving its educational goals.

The Higher Learning Commission

Cornerstone University is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Schools and Colleges.

The Association of Theological Schools

Grand Rapids Theological Seminary is accredited by the Association of Theological Schools (ATS). This membership organization consists of more than 250 graduate schools in the United States and Canada that conduct post-baccalaureate professional and academic degree programs to educate persons for the practice of ministry and for teaching and research in the theological disciplines. The Commission on Accrediting of ATS accredits institutions and approves degree programs offered by accredited schools.

Council on Social Work Education

Our Traditional Undergraduate Social Work programs are accredited by CSWE. The sole accrediting agency for social work, CSWE aims to promote and strengthen the quality of social work education through preparation of competent social work professionals by providing national leadership and a forum for collective action. Accreditation by CSWE is given to select schools nationwide who meet stringent criteria. Cornerstone is one of less than 700 colleges and universities who meet these criteria.

National Association of Schools of Music

Our Traditional Undergraduate Music programs are accredited by NASM. The national accrediting agency for music and music-related disciplines, NASM was founded in 1924 for the purpose of securing a better understanding among institutions of higher education engaged in work in music; of establishing a more uniform method of granting credit; and of developing and maintaining basic, threshold standards for the granting of degrees and other credentials. Accreditation by NASM also requires that stringent criteria be met. Cornerstone is one of less than 600 colleges and universities who have been accredited by NASM.

Michigan Department of Education

Our Traditional Undergraduate and Professional & Graduate Studies Education programs are accredited by the Michigan Department of Education. The Michigan Department of Education requires that certain standards and criteria be met by colleges and universities in order for their teacher education graduates to be state-certified. Some of these standards require specific content to be taught in courses; others require that students meet certain requirements (i.e., GPA, student teaching load, etc.). In addition to these requirements, candidates for teacher certification in the state of Michigan must also pass one or more state tests. Cornerstone’s most recent pass rate for these tests was 100%.