Credibility matters.

Cornerstone University's Professional & Graduate Studies division values the assessment of student learning. Our faculty carries a strong sense of responsibility to provide excellence in adult education.

To that end, CU strives to be transparent regarding assessment of student outcomes and the disclosure of educational effectiveness. CU values such reviews for our stewardship, critical feedback in the process of organizational learning and as a matter of integrity with our students.

Measurable Outcomes

94% of PGS alumni believe that their education prepared them for the demands of their vocational life.

  • Associate Degree Programs
    • Graduation Rate: 43%
    • Employment Rate: 98%

  • Bachelor's Degree Programs
    • Graduation Rate: 69%
    • Employment Rate: 93%

  • Master's Degree Programs
    • Graduation Rate: 78%
    • Employment Rate: 92%

Please Note: Data shown above was taken from the results of a variety of surveys and other evaluative instruments administered in recent years at the Professional & Graduate Studies division of Cornerstone University. These rates are a 5-year average.



The effectiveness of the PGS division's educational programs is assessed in a disciplined and routine manner. Achievement of the intended student learning outcomes of our curriculum, student and alumni satisfaction, readiness for ministry of our students and vocational achievement of our graduates are assessed through a variety of instruments and processes.