Holistic wellness matters.

At Cornerstone University, we are committed to seeing students thrive academically, spiritually and physically. Below are the Health Services Policies that enable us to serve you well.

Patient Rights

As a patient, you have a right:

  • To be treated with respect and dignity and to be provided with courteous, considerate care.
  • To be informed about the diagnosis, treatment and prognosis of the health problem in terms that can be understood.
  • To know the chances that treatment will be effective and to know the possible risks, side effects and alternative methods of treatment.
  • To receive confidential treatment of their disclosures and medical records and, except when required by law, is afforded the opportunity to approve or refuse release; to know who is responsible for providing treatment.
  • To have access to a second medical opinion before making any decision. The patient can decide not to be treated, but must be informed of the medical consequences of refusal.
  • To participate in decisions involving the health problem.
  • To be informed of the personal responsibilities involved in seeking medical treatment and maintaining health and well-being thereafter.
  • To privacy of person and privacy of personal health information.
  • To have access to resource persons and information concerning health education, self-care and prevention of illness.

Patient Responsibilities

As a patient, you have the responsibility:

  • To inform clinician of any changes in their health status that could affect their treatment.
  • To adhere to a prescribed treatment plan and to discuss any desired change.
  • To act in a considerate and cooperative manner with the Student Health Services staff.
  • To ask questions and seek clarification regarding areas of concern.
  • To weigh the consequences of refusing to comply with instructions and recommendations.
  • To assist the clinicians in compiling a complete record by authorizing the Student Health Services to obtain necessary medical information from appropriate sources.
  • To keep your appointment on time.

Transportation Off-site

Student Health Services does not provide transportation to or from an off campus medical appointment except in the case that no other arrangements are available. University provided Taxi services are made available in those situations. The student is responsible for arranging for their own transportation in most cases.

Absence Policy

Student Health Services does not provide medical excuses for students who have missed chapel, classes, exams or due dates for papers or projects. Our reasons include our commitment to patient confidentiality, our role in educating students about appropriate use of health care, our concern for furthering the developmental transitions of young adulthood, our lack of direct knowledge about illness or injuries effectively managed by self-care and our own finite resources. Please use your allotted absences provided by your professors for illness and medical appointments.

Should you acquire an illness or injury necessitating an absence from your educational obligations, please follow the guidelines outlined in your Student Handbook for notification of your situation to your professors.

If Student Health Services "bans" you from attending class due to a contagious illness, we will notify your professors.

In both cases, it will be up to the discretion of the professor as to whether they will excuse you. It will be your responsibility to make arrangements with your professors to make up any assignments or exams you may have missed.

Bereavement and Illness Notification Procedure