Finalize your application for graduation.

Your Next Steps

To complete your application for graduation you must submit a copy of your latest Program Evaluation from WebAdvisor with the guidelines listed below. You can submit a print copy of the Program Evaluation to the Registrar's Office located in the Administration Building. Or you can upload a scanned copy here. Applications for graduation will only be accepted when the Program Evaluation is submitted to the Registrar's Office.

  1. Add a notation on all blank lines when and how you anticipate completing all missing requirements.

  2. Account for all elective credits to reach 129 completed hours for a B.A. or 120 hours for a B.S. (Look in the "Program Status" section for "remaining hours" to be sure you have reached the required hours. The example below shows a student who has 17 hours left to complete in order to reach the required 120 hours for a B.S. degree.) The "remaining" number should be zero when all elective credits and required courses are complete.

  3. Include the signature of your academic adviser on the final page of the evaluation indicating his or her agreement that all requirements will be completed as noted on the form.

*If you are not a current student, simply send an e-mail to stating that all course work is complete or indicate how remaining credits will be fulfilled.

Degrees are posted after final degree audits are completed. Diplomas are mailed after your final bill is paid. In addition, be sure to sign all paperwork at the Help Desk (222.1510) to release your laptop. We cannot send your diploma without the release.