Why CU?

There’s nothing quite like the experience you gain at Cornerstone University.

Companies recognize and value Cornerstone graduates. With CU’s Virtue Project initiative and faculty’s unique emphasis on relational learning, CU students are not only smart; they are also passionate, well-rounded adults who love Christ and the world around them well.

Enter your future with far more than a degree, and build a life that matters.

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Upcoming Events

  • Jun 17

    CU Encompass Day

  • Jun 17

    CU Math Placement Test

  • Jun 18

    PRC Walk for Life 5K Run

  • Jun 25

    1965-1975 Reunion

  • Jul 08

    CU Registration Day

  • Jul 19

    Golf Up North

  • Jul 27

    CU Passage Expedition

  • Aug 11

    Global Leadership Summit

  • Aug 30

    CU International Orientation

  • Sep 02

    CU Welcome Day

  • Sep 28

    Pastors' Retreat

  • Sep 30

    Family Weekend