Excel as a servant leader.

At Cornerstone University, we equip you to lead and encourage your team effectively. Courses in the organizational management program provide you with practical theories and frameworks in areas such as human resources, strategic management and organizational behavior to help you empower others and excel as a leader in the workplace.

Degree Program Requirements

A bachelor's degree in organizational management requires 42 credit hours. This full-time program is approximately 71 weeks long and offers courses one at a time in the order shown below.

  • BUS-302: Principles of Self-Management in Business
  • ENG-119: Professional Writing
  • COM-211: Professional Communication
  • BUS-401: Business Ethics and Values
  • MGT-314: Management and Leadership
  • MGT-317: Organizational Behavior and Processes
  • BUS-219: Business Technology
  • MGT-315: Negotiation and Conflict Resolution
  • FIN-351: Financial Fundamentals for Managers
  • BUS-318: Global Business Perspectives
  • BUS-362: Legal Business Environment
  • MGT-332: Human Resource Management
  • MGT-438: Organizational Strategic Management
  • MGT-441: Management Project

You may also need to complete additional courses to fulfill the general education requirements for your degree.

Undergraduate Academic Catalog

More information about general education requirements—and a complete list of course descriptions—for this undergraduate program can be found in our PGS Undergraduate Academic Catalog.

Academic Catalog