Proficiency matters.

Designed to address a practical, real-world organizational problem or leadership issue, the Capstone Project for the Ed.D. degree allows you to culminate your program by integrating theory and research toward the development of practical applications. The model for Cornerstone's practitioner-focused Capstone Project will follow the guidelines for either action research or program evaluation.


The final project will focus on synthesizing knowledge, theory, research and practice in such a way as to benefit professional or clinical settings. Your scholarly work will result in:

  • 100-200 pages of text, containing a thorough literature review (30-50 pages).
  • A critical analysis that follows a 5-chapter model, including an introduction, literature review, methodology, results and discussion/conclusions/implications.

Project Committee

Candidates will secure a Capstone Project chair. Under the direction and guidance of the Capstone Project chair, you will also secure a second reader to provide feedback on your work. Your Capstone Project committee must include the following:

  • A committee chair with an earned doctoral degree (Ed.D., Ph.D., D.Min, Psy.D. or D.B.A.) who is a full-time or regular adjunct at Cornerstone.
  • A committee member (second reader) with a doctoral degree from a regionally accredited university, preferably a Cornerstone adjunct faculty member.

When contacting potential chairs and committee members, you will organize and provide an executive summary of your research problem, research questions, theoretical framework and proposed methodology.