Community matters.

The residency model we've adapted for doctoral students is about more than checking boxes off a list of graduation requirements. These meaningful, three-day experiences ensure you have the support needed to succeed as an adult graduate student.

What to Expect

Each of the three intensive residencies required for the program are held at Cornerstone University's campus in Grand Rapids, Mich. These three-day residencies take place at the beginning (EDL-900), near the middle (RES-910) and prior to the capstone project course (RES-920) of the Ed.D. program.

Each intensive is strategically placed and intentionally short to help you complete the demands of doctoral-level work while balancing personal and professional commitments.

First Residency

During the first intensive, you'll build unity with peers in your cohort, interact with faculty and find answers to your questions about the program.

  • Course: Doctoral Studies Seminar (EDL-900)
  • Purpose: Focus on enhancing your academic writing skills, identify current leadership issues within your vocational context and answer questions pertaining to program structure and requirements.
  • Location: Cornerstone University (Grand Rapids, Mich.)

Mid-Program Residency

The second residency provides a different opportunity than the first. You'll conduct research, code data and look for relationships among variables with the opportunity to learn and ask questions in person.

  • Course: Qualitative Inquiry and Organizational Action Research (RES-910)
  • Purpose: Build conceptual understanding of qualitative research techniques that are more difficult to learn in an online format.
  • Location: Cornerstone University (Grand Rapids, Mich.)

Final Residency

During the third residency, you'll begin to master data analysis techniques and secure an adviser to oversee your capstone project.

  • Course: Quantitative Research Design and Data Analysis (RES-915)
  • Purpose: Understand how quantitative research helps inform organizational decision making and problem solving, gather information pertaining to remaining graduation requirements, and connect with an adviser to begin working on your final project.
  • Location: Cornerstone University (Grand Rapids, Mich.)

Upcoming Residency Dates

Further information such as specific location, arrival time, and what to expect will be communicated to you shortly before your residency. If necessary, you will need to make arrangements for travel and lodging.

Here are the residencies that are currently scheduled:

  • Thursday, May 13 - Saturday, May 15, 2021