Expertise matters.

Your graduate degree is within reach. Alumni of Cornerstone University's traditional undergraduate Business Division may qualify to waive up to five courses in our Master of Business Administration program.

Here's how you can earn your M.B.A. in only 13 months by enrolling in online courses offered through Cornerstone.

How It Works

Advanced standing accelerates your path as an emerging leader and lowers your educational costs. To qualify for advanced standing in the Master of Business Administration program, you must:

  • Have earned a bachelor's degree from Cornerstone's traditional undergraduate Business Division within the past seven years.
  • Meet the following admission requirements:
    • Completed application accompanied by a $25 application fee.
    • Minimum G.P.A of 3.0 from a completed traditional undergraduate business degree program at Cornerstone.
    • Two letters of recommendation. One letter must be from an academic advisor or faculty member from your traditional undergraduate program at Cornerstone. The second letter must be from an individual qualified to judge your character and capacity for graduate study. 
    • Students whose primary language is not English must achieve a minimum TOEFL score of 577 (paper-based test), 233 (computer-based test) or 90-91 (Internet-based test).

The MBA 4+1 program is not available for international students who wish to enroll on an F-1 visa.

Advanced Standing Courses

Your undergraduate course work reduces the number of credit hours required to finish your M.B.A. Below are the graduate courses you will be exempt from if corresponding undergraduate courses have been completed:

  • ACC-525: Accounting for Decision Making—Waived if you've completed ACC-221: Accounting I and ACC-222: Accounting II.
  • ECN-530: Economics—Waived if you've completed ECN-231: Macroeconomics and ECN-232: Microeconomics.
  • BUS-516: Global Business Leadership*—Waived if you've completed BUS/ECN-215: International Business Experience.
  • MKT-651: Marketing Strategies—Waived if you completed MKT-251: Principles of Marketing and BUS-211: Business Statistics.
  • MGT-531: Organizational Behavior & Change—Waived if you've completed MGT-335: Organizational Behavior.

*Only a required course for the Global Business concentration.

Required Courses

In order to finish your M.B.A, you will need to take 5-6 additional core graduate courses and 2-3 concentration courses that are not covered by advanced standing. Available concentrations include finance, global business, health care and project management.

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