Influence matters.

A concentration in Health Care provides leadership skills based on Christ-centered principles in five essential disciplines: operations, finance and accounting, organizational behavior, marketing and strategy. Created in conjunction with health care administrators, this cutting edge curriculum provides leadership development for clinicians while equipping the business-trained administrator with key competencies required in a health care setting.

You'll graduate prepared to pursue careers in areas such as hospital administration, practice management and health insurance administration. Or you may choose career options in areas such as:

  • Health care information
  • Health insurance administration
  • Health service management
  • Long-term care management
  • Hospital administration
  • Physician group administration
  • Practice management

Program Checklist

A maximum of 6 master-level credit hours completed within the last seven years may be transferred from accredited colleges and/or universities. The Master of Business Administration: Health Care degree requires twelve courses:

Core Courses

  • Research Methods (BUS-505) — 3 credit hours, 7 weeks
  • Economics (ECN-530) — 3 credit hours, 6 weeks
  • Ethics, Values and Social Responsibility (BUS-503) — 3 credit hours, 6 weeks
  • Accounting for Decision Making (ACC-525) — 4 credit hours, 8 weeks
  • Managerial Finance (FIN-643) — 4 credit hours, 8 weeks
  • Organizational Behavior and Change (MGT-531) — 3 credit hours, 6 weeks
  • Marketing Strategies (MKT-651) — 3 credit hours, 6 weeks
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation (MGT-539) — 3 credit hours, 6 weeks

Concentration Courses

  • Operations and Quality Outcomes Management (MGT-534) — 3 credit hours, 6 weeks
  • Ethical, Legal, and Regulatory Issues for Health Care (BUS-504) — 3 credit hours, 6 weeks
  • Integrative Case Study Analysis in Health Care (MGT-693) — 3 credit hours, 6 weeks
  • Applied Health Care Project (MGT-697) — 3 credit hours, 6 weeks