From student to career professional.

The Center for Career and Life Calling exists to assist Cornerstone University students with naming and developing their unique, God-given potential to become all God has called them to be as individuals and professionals. Gaining access to resources upon submission of a tuition deposit, each student can count on individualized job search assistance as both a student and graduate.

Throughout (and even beyond) an individual's college years, our Career and Life Calling team commits to partner with students to...

  • Develop an Accurate Knowledge of Self
  • Offer Goal-Oriented Career Planning Appointments
  • Integrate LifePath Initiatives within Academic Advising
  • Moderate Career-Related Workshops and Presentations
  • Provide Opportunities to Network with Alumni
  • Assist with Resume and Online Brand Development
  • Provide Job Search Assistance
  • Maintain an Online Internship and Job Bank

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Prospective Students

Choosing a career involves more than tallying a list of pros and cons over one cup of coffee. Or completing a multiple choice inventory. Although helpful components, gaining a comprehensive view of your talents and interests requires introspection and a fair amount of reviewing your story up to this point in life. Here's a preview of how our approach to career planning remains distinctive.

Building Upon the Framework of Your Life Path

An undergraduate degree will run you 1,000 or so days in the classroom. To prepare and keep pulse on methods to maximize your weeks and months on campus as an undergraduate student, the LifePath program provides a guide for each season, facilitating your transition from student to professional colleague...and starts with the task of solidifying a major by the end of your first year.

  • Pre-Arrival: Reflection
    To kick start conversations about major choices and career interests, Finding Your Way by Webster and Gravitt will serve as a go-to resource from the day you deposit until your arrival on Welcome Day. This engaging book will demonstrate how to frame calling and vocation in terms of your personal story.

  • Freshman Year: Application
    The Finding Your Way experience, Terra Firma, academic advising with faculty, and the Center for Career and Life Calling seamlessly work together to assist you in structuring a personalized plan for success. A 1:1 appointment with the Career and Life Calling team will provide you with additional guidance.

  • Sophomore Year and Junior Year: Experience
    Engaging in applied learning components such as informational interviews, job shadowing, and internships, you will gain valuable experiences, build professional networks, and refine skills desired by employers and exhibited by our alumni. In addition, part-time jobs, university organizations, and volunteer experiences will assist with attaining your individualized career goals.

  • Junior Year and Senior Year: Transition
    To actualize your career goals, you'll also receive an invitation to join a job search group, facilitated by Career and Life Calling, during your senior year, and notifications regarding job fairs. You'll activate the preparation and training you received at Cornerstone to be a positive influence for Christ, personally and professionally, throughout your career and well before you depart campus.