An interdisciplinary, liberal arts focus.

Honors courses examine current issues and historical themes from a variety of perspectives. As a result, you'll train as a lifelong learner, fully engaged citizen and well-rounded professional who actively integrates knowledge from multiple disciplines to solve problems.

Required Classes

The 38-credit honors institute curriculum takes an interdisciplinary, liberal arts-based approach to education. This ensures that you have breadth of knowledge about many diverse areas of study and depth of knowledge related to your primary major.

Select Course Descriptions

IDS-202: Creativity in the Conceptual Age

A course outlining the six essential human abilities needed to survive in the Conceptual Age: design, storytelling, systems thinking, empathy, play and meaning.

IDS-205: Strategies for Innovative Thought and Design

An examination of the latest creative problem solving techniques (CPS), design thinking tools (DT) and human centered design (HCD).

You'll learn to use, lead others and analyze CPS, DT and HCD effectiveness in real-world situations. An emphasis will be placed on how innovative thought can be applied to your specific major and personal endeavors.

IDS-312: Science of Human Innovation

This course examines the psychology and neuroscience behind creativity and the sociological research on situations, contexts and networks of creative activity.

IDS-450: Creative Emergence

This course is the culminating course of creativity content which is designed to help you integrate creative theory with your talents, career and personal endeavors. You'll be required to complete a research paper based on current theories and present it both verbally and in writing.