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Off-Campus Study Programs

College students are curious. They want to know more about the world. College is also the perfect opportunity for you to travel and learn abroad, all while earning credit toward your degree.

Cornerstone University offers several off-campus study opportunities, including a semester with one of our international partners, programs with Best Semester or Veritas, CU sponsored trips and independent programs. These study programs are designed to expand your cultural understanding and role as a member of the global church.

Interested students should consider the impact of an off-campus study program on their overall educational program and make adjustments in their schedules and financial planning early on. Students typically earn 12-16 academic credits in a semester-long program. Short-term study trips are also available during J-term and summer term.

Short-Term Trips

Cornerstone students have the opportunity to engage with various cultures from around the world. By doing so, they gain a new perspective into their education and graduate with unique experiences.

Semester Programs

Cornerstone collaborates with several global partners that give our students the opportunity to study abroad for a semester while gaining credit toward their degree. This allows you to live immersively in a culture for an extended period of time and gain an understanding of how your field of study looks in different contexts.

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