Influence matters.

Our world needs Christ-centered influencers, professionals and thought leaders. A major in literature introduces you to literary works considered important by English-speaking cultures the world over. It prepares you to employ critical methodologies crucial in the analysis of literature, elucidate the myriad of factors that shape and form literary discourse and develop critical thinking skills and worldview through the reading and study of important literature.

Qualities for Career Success

Cornerstone University's academic programs reflect our commitment to develop your knowledge, skills and attitudes in five distinct yet interconnected areas: specialized knowledge, applied knowledge and collaborative learning, intellectual skills, civic and global learning and biblical worldview integration.

This means that successful completion of our Bachelor of Arts in Literature degree program equips you to:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of the nature and function of language.
    • Describe the nature of human language according to current linguistic theory.
    • Explain the structure of human language.
    • Situate language within its social and cultural contexts.
  • Analyze language within its social and cultural context.
    • Compare and contrast language systems in terms of systematic differences in phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics and pragmatics.
    • Evaluate the complexities/dynamic nature of language(s).
    • Demonstrate the relationship between a linguistic system and its social/historical context.
  • Demonstrate your ability to integrate both traditional and non-traditional cognitive skills, including analytical inquiry, information literacy, quantitative fluency and communicative fluency.
  • Demonstrate intercultural competence in addressing civic, social, environmental and economic issues.
  • Articulate a Christ-centered worldview and its personal, professional and communal embodiment through Christian virtues.