Get ready for your first official week as a Cornerstone student.

At Cornerstone University, we're excited to welcome you with the new student class this fall! From important campus arrival information to an overview of fun activities planned for the week, this is your place for up-to-date information about Welcome Week.

New Student Arrival Days

Various student arrival days are scheduled to accommodate early fall sports teams and other programs. Check back for orientation schedules with check-in location details and times.

  • TBD | Men's/women's varsity soccer and women's varsity volleyball
  • Aug. 22 | Men's/women's track & field, cross country, men's/women's golf
  • Aug. 25 | International and missionary kid students
  • Aug. 26 | Pathway students
  • Aug. 28 | Arrival Day for all remaining students begins at 9 a.m.; your designated check-in time will depend on your resident status and assigned dorm room.

If you are attending Arrival Day on Aug. 28, the first thing to do is check-in with the admissions team at the Bernice Hansen Athletic Center. You'll go over any missing paperwork and then receive a packet containing all the information you need to start your semester on campus. Check-in typically takes less than 10 minutes. After you meet with admissions, you can begin moving into your dorm room!

Welcome Week Dates

Welcome Week officially begins on Friday, Aug. 28 and continues until the first day of classes on Wednesday, Sept. 2. While individual student arrival days may vary, new students should plan to attend all Welcome Week sessions and activities.

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