This week in chapel, Dr. Timothy Gombis kicked off the spring semester chapel theme: An Appropriate Care. It’s about how we get along with one another, the church living in the community. Dr. Gombis taught from Colossians 3:12-17, which calls us to live in community with one another as one body. Paul speaks to the Colossians regarding the importance of the body of community life, and this is essential for us to consider how we can embody the community here in the seminary and in our churches.

When Paul writes to the Colossians he sees their fundamental identity found within the community. In the ancient world, all identity was constructed in the community, and the Colossian community saw themselves not as a bunch of individuals, but rather as a unit that put together for the community.

In Colossians 2:19, Paul emphasizes that Christ is the head of the whole body, which is supported and held together by ligaments and sinews. As believers, we are called to support one another and hold together as ligaments and sinews. We experience a great challenge in this regard because of our individualistic age, we see ourselves disconnected from others. It is necessary for us all to embark and engage in a posture of repentance and to see ourselves as vitally connected to one another. We receive our life from God through one another.

Listen to the fuller sermon below.