Empowered for discipleship.

Annually, Grand Rapids Theological Seminary offers the community a fall Bible teaching series through the Thursday Evening Bible Class. These biblical lectures are delivered by faculty of the seminary and typically run from 8-10 weeks. More than a hundred individuals from the community attend each series, representing a variety of Christian denominations and associations.

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Event Information

Jesus' words are rooted within the ancient world of the first eye-witnesses and hearers of the Gospel. Once a modern reader recognizes this foreignness and grasps the historical, cultural and geographical backdrop, then the words of Jesus are understood more clearly and our reading of Scripture is enriched.

  • Topic: The Words & World of Jesus
  • Dates: Sept. 14 - Nov. 2 (Thursday evenings only)
  • Time: 7 - 8 .m.
  • Facilitator: Jennifer Greer, Adjunct Professor of Bible
  • Location: Grand Rapids Theological Seminary

What to Expect

Each week a different gospel text will be studied within its ancient context through interaction with maps, archaeological finds and extra-biblical literature as we seek to understand Jesus' words in the world of the first century and responsibly move to live them out today.