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Digital Media

Take your ideas to new heights by combining creativity and innovation to share your content across diverse channels. Using mediums such as photography, video, design and audio, you’ll find new ways to engage audiences across the world.

Degree Type

  • Bachelor of Arts
  • Minor


  • On Campus
  • Residential


  • Grand Rapids

Degree Plan

Without Ceasing

At Cornerstone University, we’re dedicated to innovation. In a constantly-changing culture where so much is vying for our attention, we raise up graduates who provide quality, life-giving content that rises above the noise.

With faculty that have hands-on experience and partnerships with local and global organizations, we produce graduates who are prepared to make a difference and are equipped with the tools they need. You’ll enter the workforce with your own portfolio of skills that you’ve gleaned during your four-year journey.

The digital media program at Cornerstone will provide you with everything you need to become an expert content creator, from skills in photography and graphic design to writing for blogs and television. Leave your mark on the world in new, creative and innovative ways.


With the market becoming more and more digital, employers are looking for tech-savvy employees who can provide quality content on any platform. In fact, many employers are demanding their employees have skills across multiple areas of media. A digital media degree from Cornerstone puts you one step ahead of the game and makes you a competitive applicant for any multimedia job.


  • Advertising
  • Graphic designer
  • Videographer
  • Web designer
  • Production coordinator


Digital media majors at Cornerstone get real-world experience at internships across Grand Rapids. They work with marketing firms, sports teams, production companies and more.


  • Access of West Michigan
  • The Geek Group
  • Insomniac Events
  • John's Audio Video, LLC
  • 91.3 WCSG


Of Communication, Media & Music Division graduates from the class of 2019 were employed or enrolled in graduate school within six months of graduation.


Student-to-faculty ratio with an average class size of 22.


Of students participate in internship or practicum experiences.

Course List

The digital media program at Cornerstone is designed to inspire your intellect, deepen your character and prepare you to lead in your career with influence and wisdom.

Media Core Courses

Media Core Required Courses

  • COM-400 Capstone Seminar
  • MDA-111 Introduction to Story
  • MDA-213 Graphic Design I: Introduction to Graphic Design
  • MDA-236 Introduction to Digital Photography
  • MDA-261 Audio Production I
  • MDA-271 Film and Video Production I
  • MDA-318 Writing for Media
  • MDA-380 Internship

Electives – choose one of the following:

  • COM-212 Interpersonal Communication
  • COM-321 Group Communication

Digital Media Courses

Digital Media Required Courses

  • COM-339 Social Media
  • MDA-161 Audio/Video Technical Production
  • MDA-225 Graphic Design II: Graphic Design for Print and Media
  • MDA-262 Live Audio Production
  • MDA-281 Audio Production II
  • MDA-282 Film and Video Production II

In addition to the core courses, upper-level electives in media may be required. See our academic catalog on the Registrar’s page for more details.

Digital Media Minor Courses

Required Courses

  • MDA-111 Introduction to Story
  • MDA-213 Graphic Design I: Introduction to Graphic Design
  • MDA-236 Introduction to Digital Photography
  • MDA-261 Audio Production I
  • MDA-271 Film and Video Production I
  • MDA-318 Writing for Media

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Program Learning Outcomes

Program learning outcomes are the foundation of a CU degree. Explore how our digital media program prepares you with the essential knowledge and 21st century skills to reach your God-given potential and become a lifelong learner.

My professors inspire me by encouraging me to make art that is significant to me and true to my style. It’s such a blessing to have professors that are rooting for you and teaching you how to integrate your values into the work that you’re actively doing.

Sarah Reeve (’22)

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A digital media degree can serve you well no matter what career path you’re on. Explore other tracks such as graphic design to discover your niche and make it your own.

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