Keeping you safe 24/7/365.

Campus Safety desires to work with the administration, faculty, staff and students to…

  • Promote the spirit of Jesus Christ and Biblical instructions in all of our safety and service duties
  • Promote safety and service through information, education, solid public relations relationships, and enforcement as a final resolve to promote a campus-wide environment of friendly, compassionate, caring and courteous service to all
  • Operate in a proactive rather than reactive manner whenever possible
  • Realize that every issue, large or small, is important to someone or something, and requires thorough and complete follow-up
  • Operate on the principle that, in most instances, prevention and/or correction of small matters today will reduce larger ones tomorrow
  • Respond to needs as soon as possible with a caring mind set, kind heart, and a smile.

Clery Report

Cornerstone University will strive to remain a campus free of crime.

This document is published in compliance with the Crime Awareness and Campus Security Act of 1990. Cornerstone University's most recent Annual Security and Fire Safety Report and Clery Report.

The U.S. Department of Education also provides Clery statistical data.

NOTE: Federal requirements mandate that colleges and universities file their Clery reports in the fall of the year following the year being reported. Example: The 2008 report is filed in the fall of 2009.

NOTE/FACT: Cornerstone University provides on-campus housing.
On-Campus Crimes: (General on-campus and residence halls)

Policy Statements

  • Cornerstone complies with the Drug Free Schools and Communities Act of 1989. In addition to the policies outlined in the student handbook, municipal, state, and federal laws strictly outline penalties for the illegal use, possession, or distribution of alcohol and drugs. Specific references to the laws are available in the office of Student Development.
  • Weapons of any kind are prohibited on Cornerstone’s campus (including buildings, grounds, and vehicles on campus property).
  • Cornerstone will not tolerate hate crimes or prejudices 
  • Cornerstone will not tolerate unwanted sexual advances and/or sexual assaults of any type, and victims are encouraged to report all incidents immediately to campus safety, health services, counseling services, student development, and/or law enforcement 
  • Students, staff, and/or faculty are encouraged to report all crimes, possible crimes, and any or all suspicious and/or concerning situations to campus safety or law enforcement immediately upon observation or upon receiving said information 
  • Campus safety will issue safety warning reports whenever circumstances warrant 
  • Annual Calendar Year Campus Safety Department reports will be issued on or about February 1st for the preceding year 
  • All crimes and/or concerns must be addressed to the director of campus safety and/or his/her designee as soon as possible. This contact can be made in person or through contact with the campus safety switchboard (Dial 0 from on-campus or 616.949.5300 from off-campus) 
  • The student development office/campus safety produces and makes available policy statements regarding a variety of campus safety procedures for general on-campus and residence hall situations 
  • Campus safety personnel are authorized to approach students, staff, and faculty for the purposes of establishing identification and/or investigating on-campus safety and/or criminal, traffic, and parking matters 
  • The campus safety office does not possess general arrest power 
  • The campus safety office does work closely and in conjunction with law enforcement and fire service authorities, and does report criminal incidents 


Campus Safety 24/7/365 Patrol & Switchboard/Dispatch Community Services:

  • General and specific foot and vehicle patrols 24/7 
  • Monitor campus-wide fire alarm system 
  • Oversee campus-wide emergency door alarm system 
  • Receive and handle all incoming campus phone calls 
  • Vehicle battery boosts* 
  • Vehicle lockout assists*(Most vehicles) 
  • Portable air units are available to check out for the purpose of inflating low pressure motor vehicle tires.** We DO NOT change tires. 
  • Parking, traffic, and security planning assistance for special events 
  • Special need safety and security watches 
  • Daily building lock and nightly unlock services 
  • Special event unlock and lock services 
  • Conduct monthly residence hall fire drills 
  • Respond to various calls for service 
  • Respond to medical incidents and coordinate medical matters with the GRFD, local ambulance service, and/or the CU Health Department (Cornerstone Campus Safety Officers and the Switchboard/Dispatcher Manager are medical first-aid, CPR, and AED trained and certified to serve our campus community)
  • Investigate incidents 
  • Issue photo ID cards 
  • Process building access permissions to students, staff, and faculty 
  • Assist with the distribution of University vehicle use record books, credit cards, and keys 
  • Work in conjunction with other University departments in the interest of pro-active safety and security for all 
  • Promote a safe, secure, and harmonious campus environment through information, education, and public relations

*Cornerstone University and its Campus Safety Office and personnel are not liable for damages that may be caused by assisting with vehicle lockouts, battery boosts, inflating tires or vehicle push-offs.

**Portable air units are checked out at the Campus Safety office and require a photo ID to be left as a deposit for the rental.


Brandan Bishop

Willie Williams
Switchboard Supervisor

Main Phone: 616.949.5300

Fax: 616.222.1520


If contact with the campus safety staff is needed outside of normal business hours please contact our 24/7 Switchboard/Dispatch for additional assistance. ON CAMPUS EMERGENCY: Call 9-1-1 and Campus Safety at 0 (zero) from an on campus phone or at 616.949.5300 from any other phone.