Institutional Assessment Reports

For Cornerstone University, assessment is a matter of institutional integrity. In addition to providing an opportunity for organizational learning and a credible foundation for data-based decision making, we view assessment as an ongoing and cyclical process.

Purpose of Assessment

Because we understand assessment as having internal value and theological connections, Cornerstone engages in the work of assessment to achieve the following objectives:

  • To document an explicit plan and process for assessing student learning.
  • To clearly articulate a set of student learning outcomes for degree programs and individual courses.
  • To map intended student learning outcomes (SLOs) across the curriculum (e.g., mapping SLOs to select courses and student learning artifacts).
  • To enact assessment projects on a scheduled and routine basis which seek to measure the level of achievement of the intended student learning outcomes at the course and program level.
  • To identify needed changes to the curriculum (programs and courses) through the work of assessment.
  • To demonstrate the administrative will to enact the needed changes identified in the work of assessment.
  • To document the changes to curriculum resulting from the administration of the assessment plan and process.
  • To develop as educational professionals in the art and science of assessment of student learning.
  • To facilitate a culture of assessment that leads to continuous improvement of curriculum, personnel, programs and overall educational quality.

Assessment Reports

Our annual assessment reports reflect the work of the university in the area of assessment. The reports highlight some of the best practices observed in specific divisions or courses. In addition, the reports outline next steps we are taking to invest in the advancement of assessment at Cornerstone.