Preview scholarship requirements.

Requirements for Recipients

  • Recipients must accept their scholarship (by completing a confirmation form) by May 1.
  • Recipients awarded a scholarship must live in on-campus housing for all four years of enrollment to retain their scholarship. Off-campus housing exceptions are rare; petitions can be made to the Student Development Office. Recipients interested in studying abroad while at Cornerstone should refer to the University academic catalog for policies and requirements.
  • Recipients will invest in the CU Community by providing spiritual influence and guidance to their peers.
  • Recipients must pay the $200 deposit.
    • All recipients are responsible for room and board expenses, textbooks and overload charges, along with all fees (including, but not limited to, technology, residence life, parking and academic).
  • Students must maintain full-time enrollment status (12+ credits) for eight consecutive semesters.
  • Note: Recipients may be eligible for Cornerstone endowed or restricted scholarships (leadership, athletic, music, etc.). Total awards cannot exceed the cost of tuition.
    • Outside aid (such as high school scholarships, church scholarships, Stafford loans) may be used to cover a student's room and board, course fees and transportation costs unless a particular scholarship designates that it must be used for tuition only.
  • Note: Current federal law requires any scholarships that exceed the cost of tuition, fees and textbooks be reported as taxable income.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Pastor's Scholarship be used for another semester if a student decides to enroll at a later date?

No, the scholarship must be used for the semester the student was nominated for at a full-time enrolled status.

Can a student enroll at Cornerstone University, take a semester off, return to CU and still be granted the Pastor's Scholarship?

No, students must be enrolled full time for eight consecutive semesters. If extenuating circumstances occur where a student must take off a semester due to illness or family situations, special considerations will be taken into account. Students may also be eligible to study abroad, see the academic catalog.

What if it takes longer than four years to graduate? Can the scholarship extend past eight semesters?

No, the Pastor's Scholarship goes towards tuition for a full-time status for eight consecutive semesters (four years), excluding summer enrollment.

Does the student need to maintain full-time enrollment at Cornerstone University?

Yes, full-time enrollment (12-18 credits per semester) must be maintained.

What if a pastor nominates a student, but the student isn't accepted by the deadline?

The student will not qualify for the scholarship—all criteria must be met by stated deadlines.