Everyone knows pastors work only one day a week. They wake up early on Sunday mornings, drive to the church, preach a sermon, offer a prayer, shake a few hands and then go home for their afternoon nap.

Those of us who have worked as pastors or have been part of ministry families know that nothing could be further from the truth. Even part-time pastors have been known to give full-time care to their congregations.

In early 2020, I interviewed local pastors and asked them to describe pastoral ministry. The metaphors and images they used to describe their work fascinated me. Their descriptions took me on a journey from a raging river to fertile farmland. One even referenced a popular arcade game when talking about his day-to-day work.

I also asked these pastors what brought them deep joy in their work, and their answers took my breath away because they all said something very similar.

If you want to know how these pastors described their work and that common aspect of their work that brings them all deep joy, watch this.