This week in chapel, Dr. John Hilber asked the question, “How is it that we can live together in a community in the midst of a society that worships competition and success at the expense of others, and how do we overcome the culture we are in, in order to care for one another?” To begin to answer some of these questions, Dr. Hilber continued the semester’s chapel theme An Appropriate Care by teaching from Genesis 4.

Both Cain and Abel brought legitimate offerings that would be pleasing to the Lord, and the difference in the offerings is the behavior and the attitude of the one giving the offering. Abel brought out of his heart the best he had to offer, whereas Cain’s heart was not in the right posture of giving. If Cain had demonstrated the right attitude, then he would have brought the first fruits of the field as his offering.

God is looking through the pretense and looking at the heart. For Cain, his envy pushed to the point of anger and violence. Envy is more insidious and ugly than any sort of coveting because envy targets not the thing to be had, but rather it targets the individual.

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