This week in chapel, Jennifer Greer eloquently shared and taught the passage John 20:11–18 in the form of a personal narrative of Jesus’ death, burial and resurrection from the perspective of Mary Magdalene. Jennifer emphasizes how Jesus came to Mary and chose her to be the first to announce the good news. Instead of sending the angels to announce the magnificent work of Christ, Jesus sent Mary, an unclean woman, to tell the brothers the truth that Christ had risen from the dead.

Jesus promises to send the advocate, the spirit of truth, to help us in times of need and to be with us forever. God will not leave his children as orphans, but He will come to care for them. Christ says that in this world, we will have trouble, but to take heart for He has overcome the world. Indeed, He has overcome the world by defeating death. Death could not hold Him in the grave, and His enemies could not conquer Him. Listen to the whole sermon below.


Jennifer Greer is an adjunct professor of Bible at Grand Rapids Theological Seminary and serves in various leadership roles at Madison Square CRC (Ford campus). She is a graduate of Auburn University (B.S. Marketing) as well as Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary (M.Div.). She and her husband Jonathan have three children.