This week in chapel, Jennifer Greer preached on the text Mark 7:24-30, in which the Syrophoenician woman approaches Jesus begging him to drive the demon out of her daughter.

Jesus had been traveling along the sea and visits Tyre, a non-Jewish wealthy city. The original readers may have been alarmed that Jesus was approached by a woman of Greek and Syrian background, a non-Jew who throws herself at the feet of Jesus in humility, desperately asking Jesus to heal her daughter. Yet Jesus’ initial response is “First, let the children eat all they want, for it is not right to take the children’s bread and toss it to the dogs.”

Jesus is not referring to the woman as a straggly dog, but a “little dog” which may be a recognizable image from her culture. She continues by saying that even the dogs who sit under the table can eat the children’s crumbs. It is because of the woman’s response that Jesus willingly and miraculously heals her daughter.

The Lord pours out His favor to the least of these, and He is faithful to do what He promises to do. As the woman humbly came to the Lord, our faith in action should be completed with a sense of humility.

Listen to the full sermon below.


Jennifer Greer is an adjunct professor of Bible at Grand Rapids Theological Seminary and serves in various leadership roles at Madison Square CRC (Ford campus). She is a graduate of Auburn University (B.S. Marketing) as well as Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary (M.Div.). She and her husband Jonathan have three children.