Kevin Cumings (B.A. ’87, M.Div. ’91) has always been a people person. Fascinated by the study of human behavior and relationships, he chose to study psychology as his undergraduate major. After graduation, he continued on to receive his M.Div. in Theology, a degree that helped him grow a deeper understanding of God and His interaction with the world and humankind.

It was at Grand Rapids Theological Seminary that Cumings also developed a more “holistic” Christian life and worldview, something that would take shape throughout his life and come full circle in his career in insurance.

“God is in the business of redeeming all of creation, not just my ‘soul,'” he says. This revelation would jump start a lifelong passion for stewarding God’s creation, including the wellness of his mind, spirit and body. This worldview coincides with the career Cumings now has as vice president of group benefits at Buiten & Associates Insurance in Grand Rapids. In the business of employee wellness, he applies this holistic worldview directly in his day-to-day work.

“A lot of what I do is identifying what people need, what they value, what they think is important. I’m matching up what services or products I have to meet their needs,” he says about helping employers develop benefits packages. The financial support he helps his clients provide in turn allows their employees to be productive in their workforce and throughout their lives. This is one of the most fulfilling parts of his job, and he loves the opportunity his work provides him to foster both the physical and emotional wholeness of these employees.

Through the specific benefits programs he helps create, Cumings provides the support structure that allows employees to thrive in all areas of life, including their jobs, relationships, families and health. From benefits fairs for employers to on-site employee meetings, he takes the opportunity to present benefits others can use to achieve wellness in every aspect of their lives—physical, emotional, spiritual and mental. This is the part Cumings most loves about his work: “To see people live well in their relationships, health and jobs—I really strive for that, and I enjoy watching wholeness in people’s lives.”

About Kevin

Kevin Cumings (B.A. ’87, M.Div. ’91) is partner and vice president of group benefits at Buiten & Associates Insurance. After earning his Ph.D. in Educational Leadership, he worked in higher education before transferring to a career in insurance.