This week in chapel, Jennifer Greer began by playing a game with the chapel community. She asked questions like “Are you most or least likely to ride a roller coaster?” and “Are you most or least likely to eat liver?” Through her message, she shared how Jesus often chooses the least likely to use in big ways. When Jesus healed the ten lepers in Luke 17:11-19, only one came back to Jesus. The only leper who responded appropriately, with praise and thanksgiving, was the Samaritan leper, the least likely of the ten.

By the end of the message, our community found ourselves asking hard questions like “Am I the most or least likely to praise God when I’m afraid?” or “Am I the most or least likely to befriend the former foster teen, now a homeless youth?” or ultimately “Am I the most or least likely to declare who is ‘out’ when Jesus says the person is ‘in’?”


Jennifer Greer is adjunct professor of Bible at Grand Rapids Theological Seminary and serves in various leadership roles at Madison Square CRC (Ford campus). She is a graduate of Auburn University (B.S. in Marketing) as well as Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary (M.Div.). She and her husband Jonathan have three children.